Den of Screenshots


Lightened and saturated for detail.

On a dark foggy night I hopped a train and while running down it’s length I discovered a car shooting sparks out of pools of blood on the roof. On interior inspection I found that the cause was these double spawned Z-fighting lanterns bouncing about wildly. The blood patch goes through the roof and is visible above them on the ceiling.

~ghost noises~


best horror game of 2018





0-beta-33 0-beta-34
old garbage mouth.

0-beta-37 0-beta-36 0-beta-20


TIL by accident that there’s an over the shoulder camera angle in Shin Megami Tensei 4 (and apocalypse?) if you press left on the d-pad in the field


yes it’s the only way to play imo??


Yes jit definitely is.
but I only realized it exists 100+ hours into the game


this is so sad : (


I hope I never put text on a Switch screenshot ever again, I just needed to own up to this sin.


i guess this is how i’m going to play gameboy games from now


Is that running through an emulated Super Game Boy?




Wow, is that one of the original built-in frames from the Super Gameboy? It’s gorgeous!


The super gameboy rocks. I have two and want a third because I have an addiction to it’s weird charms.



it likes to battle, it dislikes the most expensive food, and it has a CD in its eye (CD-I!). radical.


Nature: Worst


Most Suezos have a bad nature. It can be changed.


Screenshots of Below are going to be weird because every frame is extremely intentional. I don’t feel like I’m participating in creating any of this, it’s all Kris

the grass is much better than it was


Perhaps I am mistaken, but I was under the impression that Below was one of those rogue-like random generation games?