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Trying to play that really drove home for me how much I prefer the aesthetic and pace of frontier


I actually kinda like the little manga Spider-Man skin you get for 100%ing the new DLC.


yeah it’s a pretty major regression from rs2 i reckon
this is the first time i’ve played more than an hour or two and i’m finding the 2001 translation and all the reused ff6/ct spritework and sound really quaint




The guy in the Quintet office in that town worrying about sale figures reads a bit more tragic than they intended…


Has it ever really been gathered, the way they went out? Just appears they didn’t have much in terms of major title success, with no active project momentum by the 00’s. And then the eventual site closure.

Lots of workers in there talk the constant crunch:


And “I wonder what I’ll do with two whole days off…maybe work?”

Neotokio’s where I got to ages back. Coming up recently, had to ask myself “why the hell haven’t I finished TN, or played more Quintet for that matter?” So I gritted my teeth about to restart for like a third time (or use a file online), but found my save and just knocked it out.

Soulblazer next, then replaying ActRaiser 1/2 maybe sample Granstream, Robotrek, etc.

Collecting my thoughts more for that time (cuz I really would like to constrast the “triplets”) I’ll say this: Terranigma’s great when stroking those same ideas and themes that IoG did, arguably on a broader level via the cycles exploration and that incredibly poignant ending. But its characterization/dialogue seemed subpar (among peers, also might’ve been the localization in general) while combat and the rpg/equipment aspects aren’t fully realized into anything worthwhile.

It is a very special game though.



The localization is just really poor, with important plot scenes rendered unintelligible (the revelation in the cave, anything to deal with Beluga, you know, the main bad guy). However, I think the plot and scenarios underneath it is the closest they ever got to their mystic themes. The music makes a big difference too; unfortunately, Illusion of Gaia has to carry around terrible SNES horns everywhere it goes.

Terranigma drags in the back half. It’s something like 30 hours long but ought to be 20. I’m surprised you didn’t like the combat, though; while not very interesting on its own, I thought it was a step up in fluidity and impact over Soul Blazer and Illusion of Gaia.


Robotrek is charming enough to be worth more than just sampling (its Japanese title is “Slapstick”, which is way better than “Robotrek”, which sounds like some mid-80s throwaway anime), and some of the environments look really nice. The Granstream Saga is awful, though. It feels and looks like garbage.


I always thought the IoG soundtrack sounded very derivative of the FFV soundtrack, I’m guessing it’s because of all of the fucking horns.


Ohhhh yeah, some of those dungeon and battle themes keep blaring. Illusion has at least a few extraordinarily good pieces though - besides the soulful sting of In the Earthen Womb, Clash of Light and Shadow (very horny) is supreme final boss songcraft. The phases it goes through, like a grand orchestra cousin of SoM’s Crisis.

Mid 90’s me would’ve taken like 25 hours to get through TN but referencing a few guides on building the towns and such, I did ~16.


Adjacently related, The 7th Saga remains some evil shit! I only beat it on a previous renter’s save. They’d been LUX TIZER THE TETSUJIN and about 80% through, copied the file, made my way.



7th Saga is goddamn amazing.


Mystic Ark is even better! It’s structured as a plane-hopping game. There’s a desert world where everyone lives in beached sailing ships, including a ship full of pirate kitties, a watermelon world (the world is formed of watermelon, all houses are smaller watermelons atop it, probably spoons are watermelons of some sort too)


terranigma is easily the messiest and weirdest of the three games, is probably the “worst” in many regards, but also contains the most charm, the most poignant, touching, and disturbing moments of the series. the scale is enormous and it’s all done breathlessly enough to make it work. and it’s not like it’s “bad”, it’s just all over the place.

I wanna play it again soon tbh


Big, Large, Huge DQXI spoils but my choice of name really paid off here



ok i killed god, that was an ok 15 hours

this fuckin’ translation



Dusty old phone shots


Bean Problems

Arthur can eat infinite beans with no consiquence. The ultimate cowboy