Den of Screenshots


Is it just a texture swap or are there other effects going on?


Yeah, everything is constantly shifting, both surfaces and sprites. Those dog faces in the walls are only there momentarily, and the mountains in the background change shape and color. Sometimes your gun has eyes.

Thanks to @wourme for linking to the creator’s blog in the DooM thread.



Is this a mecha getting its nipple tweaked with a giant wrench, or


Xenogears: most beautiful game of all time, except for that weird waxy look of the sprites but still


the music also makes the art look twice as good



A few from tonight.

Just gonna add some more. Some day I’ll break out of the “character focused on the right third” screenshot habit.


From what game is this one?




Finally dawned on me that the USB hub I’m using to transfer screenshots is a crummy old 2.0 piece of junk, so I’m slowly (but much more quickly!) backing up my screenshots with a new hub.

Anyway, here’s some of 'em.

Also my only good MGSV screenshot


L.A. Noire.



I’m stuck in a hotel for a week and handling it with dignity and grace.


un-31 un-32
un-33 un-34 un-35


fitting considering he has none to speak of.


Hanabi Fantast


Ah this game is much better if you can’t speak Japanese! The intro is so depressing I shut it off immediately.


My origin story