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im not good at crt filters but the baraduke room in namco museum 5 is so foreboding

namco museum is sick


Shadow of the Tomb Raider, I think, is gonna be up there with The Crew 2 in the “ah that came out this year?”/disappointment department, but it is awful nice to look at.

Messed around with Assassin’s Creed Origins one last time and got this OK shot of Caesar.

Continuing the grand tradition of only using the best-worst wraps for my cars in Forza Horizon.


siren blood curse


Dang emulator?

Just restarted this last night it is jankier than I remember.


no, i got an elgato for my birthday. i took these from a stream i did earlier tonight.


It’s that easy everybody


I’ll have to write that on my hand so I remember when the time comes


Which map is that? I distinctly remember that bit!


Edit: apparently it won’t auto expand but like click the link and slowly count to 10 for the full experience


This is from Necromancer’s Keep in the Arcane Dimensions level pack


Ah yes! Arcane Dimensions is amazing!


I’m coming around to the idea that this game isn’t nearly as good as the last one, but still can look pretty damn nice.



It honestly bums me out the extent to which massive resources and exquisite beauty are expended towards something so dull



knights of valour 3 is an incredible looking game. as you go up this spiral staircase, the huge statue in the background rotates! (well, it stays still as you go round it, but you get what i mean)

it’s really impressive!




Deep Dream Doom is pretty amazing.


Might actually be the Ideal DooM