website for games


Yeaaaaaah, WildC.A.T.S. They’re all my favorites.


There’s such a mythic poetry hanging around drugs, good and evil, that it’s refreshing to see someone talk frankly about them.


also i apologize if the website makes anyone uncomfortable! it may not be for you. it is supposed to be uncomfortable and slimy feeling


the site got mentioned on critical-distance this week. my old blog got mentioned there one time as well, but it was very much for a piece taking advantage of gamergate that I was crossing my fingers wouldn’t end up on there that did.

this feels admittedly much better.


also: i made a Patreon a few months ago.


there’s a new logo now, you can buy it on a t-shirt soon.
or maybe a FRIDGE MAGNET? maybe that’s what you want.


Who came up with sb’s color scheme, anyway. Was it vision? It’s one of those things that’s so iconic in my headcanon I can’t think of two better colors honestly


Vision is a safe bet, as with so many things


Sticker/Fridge Magnet I would for-sure purchase


here’s a trick: i try to edit my voice out of every single video i do cuz i hate the way it sounds n’ always forget to put on my bone boy mask voice

good luck everybody, in all of your adventures. amazing arizona comics are great, and josh dubois has a really good soft spot for 90’s extreme comics.


continuing the categorization of website for games

shirts on the way, and i guess mugs too. you can drink your drinks, out of my brand. filthy. hot. i like it.


shirts are here but this update is about a friend


back to trash


I wrote an article about some serious shit: call of duty black ops III. it got featured on

here’s the link:

I also started a patreon. I need help, but I also need your love and tender care.