December 4 Anime Club is an Express Train to Fantasy Land! LOG ON AT 9PM EST For Take the X Train!



More Escaflowne eps in the club mix tonight…


Shoujo-shonen blends a gorgeous steampunk mecha fantasy. KIMI NO MYSTIC EYES look past noses, soak in that soundtrack, join our divination in the Wired.


The queue is filling with plenty of jrpg stock and exotic fantasy world delights.

Starting ep. 4 of Tenkū no Esukafurōne about 9 PM EST, peep some seeds of creation:

The lovely Maaya Sakamoto also saw her career launch playing Hitomi and starting a long line of songwork with Yoko Kanno.


IT’S STARTED. WE’RE ESCAFLOWING! Also we’re gonna watch a cartoon about train otaku in an hour or so! Please join us!