Cricket thread (stylo posting alone)

I’ve been really into cricket again recently and I think more people should be into this great sport!

pirate streams at (keep your popup blocker on obv)


I wrote a Twitter thread to try to answer this question: Thread Reader App

edited version below:

My history with the sport goes back to my childhood, I grew up watching the India and South Africa teams of the 90s, and the great Indian batting lineups of the 2000s. Roughly speaking, Australia was dominant from 1997-2010 or so; and since then India has been dominant.

I will post some great match highlights in the next post

do you like cricket? ask me questions about cricket!!


some great matches of the past –

  • 1995-96, Australian Tri-Series 5th Match: Australia vs West Indies, in Sydney
    • In a rain-curtailed match, West Indies score only 173 runs in their innings. However, Australia loses their first 6 wickets scoring only 38 runs. It’s up to Australian batsman Michael Bevan, known as one of the great finishers in one-day cricket, to lead Australia to victory.
  • 2002 NatWest series final: England vs. India, at Lord’s Cricket Ground (London)
    • England sets a commanding one-day total of 325 runs, on the backs of batsmen Trescothick and Hussain. India puts up a good start but loses their first four wickets in a span of just 40 runs. Given a near-impossible task, the bottom of the India batting order must score quickly in the remaining time.
  • 5th ODI, Australian tour of South Africa 2005-06, in Johannesburg
    • In their dominant era, Australia sets an impossibly-high 434(!) run total, with captain Ricky Ponting scoring 164. South Africa must chase, relying on captain Graeme Smith and top batsman Herschelle Gibbs.
  • 2011 ICC World Cup final: India vs. Sri Lanka, at Wankhede Stadium (Mumbai)
    • India attempts to win a world cup tournament for the first time since 1983. Under the captainship of wicketkeeper MS Dhoni, India has finally banished its historic fielding woes with Suresh Raina and Yuvraj Singh diving all over the field; but their bowling is still only average. On Sri Lanka’s side, the great batsmen Jayawardene and Sangakkara and the GOAT bowler Muthiah Muralitharan.

5-day matches (Tests)

  • 2001 Border-Gavaskar series: Australia vs. India, 2nd Test, in Kolkata
    • Australia score a massive 445 in their first innings. India score a measly 171 in response and are therefore forced to bat their second innings immediately. With the match on the line, Indian batsman V.V.S. Laxman takes on Shane Warne (one of the greatest spin bowlers of all time) to singlehandedly get India back into the match.
  • Australia vs West Indies, 3rd Test, Barbados 1999 - series review, match highlights
    • Australia were the best Test match team in the world, while West Indies were a shell of their former glory in the 80s and 90s, with their stars having aged out. Australia scored a massive 490 in their first innings, but West Indies made a game of it, and with a strong bowling effort they were left with a run target of 308 - not great, not impossible. It’s up to West Indies’ Brian Lara, one of the greatest batsman of all time, to make victory happen against the great Shane Warne.
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stylo do you like C.L.R. James? He wrote a good biography about himself and cricket and imperialism called Beyond a Boundary. This is my only connection to the sport, and I am embarrassed to admit the whole time I was reading it I was imagining croquet instead of cricket lol


i don’t know much about cricket except i used to either hang out outfield and space or with my mate in PE or get right up near the uh pitch or whatever if i was feeling spicy. was useless either way

here’s some pics of old mate Warnie in the full swing of his art

died of a ‘heart attack’ in Thailand with ‘friends’ which like, fair play i guess

god i can smell that second picture


If I ever go back to South Africa, I’m making it a point to watch cricket.

Maybe I should just plan to go in 2027

Along with Namibia and Zimbabwe, South Africa will jointly host the upcoming 2027 Cricket World Cup.


I have a copy I borrowed from a friend, have yet to finish it… his writing style drags on unfortunately

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A Match I’ve Been Watching

India vs. Sri Lanka, 2nd Test in Bangalore (Bengaluru)

Sri Lankan cricket team in India in 2021–22 - Wikipedia
Ind vs SL 2nd Test - Relentless India make mockery of pitch, conditions and Sri Lanka (

On an extremely dry and dusty pitch in Bangalore, India has been hammering the hell out of Sri Lanka. The current India team has got depth in spades, and from the established star batsmen Kohli and Sharma (who themselves replaced superstars like Tendulkar and Dhoni in the mid-2000’s), as well as established bowlers/all rounders like Ashwin and R. Jadeja, India have also got younger players in their late twenties physical prime. Jasprit Bumrah is one of the best fast bowlers in the world right now, with his “slingshot” bowling action and ability to get the ball as fast as 138kph / 85mph. (for a sport where you’re not allowed to straighten your elbow, pretty impressive!)

So yeah, the scorecard looks like this:

India       252 &   303/9d*
Sri Lanka   109 &   28/1  (7 ov, target 447)

* declared an early close to their innings to force Sri Lanka to bat

With three days left, Sri Lanka need 419 more runs to win. They still have 9 wickets left, but given how the match is going, I very much doubt they’ll be able to survive Day 3, let alone score 400+ runs.

The pitch being dry and dusty has really worked to the bowlers’ advantage, and the Indian bowlers have been stifling and tearing through the Sri Lankan batting attack. Bumrah was the standout in the 1st innings, with 5 wickets and allowing just 24 runs in his 10 overs bowled. He had 4 “maiden overs” which is an over where you allow 0 runs - like a shutout inning in baseball - pretty impressive.

BOWLING	            O	M	R	W	ECON	WD	NB
Jasprit Bumrah	    10	4	24	5	2.40	0	0
Ravichandran Ashwin	8.5	1	30	2	3.39	0	0
Mohammed Shami  	6	1	18	2	3.00	0	0
Ravindra Jadeja 	6	1	15	0	2.50	0	0
Axar Patel      	5	1	21	1	4.20	0	0

also this fun celebration when bowler Shami and wicket keeper Pant convince their captain to call for a video review. The Review shows Shami has got the batsman out lbw. Ashwin celebrates by playing percussion on Shami’s head


alright, I’ll see myself out

the best part about cricket is that the matches can go on for 5 days and still be a draw

As predicted India has cleaned out Sri Lanka on Day 3, despite a heroic rearguard innings by the captain Karunaratne. highlight for me was nice wicketkeeping by Rishabh Pant, who kept a lot of wild balls from going for runs

and with that they’ve won the Test match series 2-0

India under the Rohit-Dravid duo completes its fifth consecutive clean sweep across formats.
[vs Nz: 3-0 (T20I), vs WI: 3-0 (ODI), vs WI: 3-0 (T20I), vs SL: 3-0 (T20I) and vs SL: 2-0 (Test)

pretty good recent track record by captain Rohit Sharma and coach Rahul Dravid (himself one of the all-time great indian players of the recent past)

A few years ago I became fascinated by cricket equipment (as an aesthetic inspiration) but that’s about the most I’ve looked into this sport

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Cricket on Netflix

I rewatched Lagaan on Netflix with @digs last night – it’s actually brilliantly paced for a 3.5 hour movie, all the emotional beats and plot points are right on cue. Really makes you feel how evil colonialism was. it’s also sneakily good at teaching you the rules of cricket.

good review:

ended up doing psychic damage to myself by reading white people’s reviews of it… the words “musical” “fantastical” complaints about length etc figure prominently… when the thing I felt most strongly is the reality of the movie. dramatized, sure, but colonialism really was that brutal, the British really did stomp the natives under their horses and their boots, suck them dry of their wealth. and to this day poor people across India are playing cricket with wooden planks for bats, rags for balls, rocks and sticks for stumps.

If you’ve already seen the movie, here’s an enjoyably grumpy article detailing the various factual errors and anachronisms of the movie’s depiction of 1890s cricket. I’m still wondering how they rotated strike on a no-ball… Lagaan: Ways the landmark movie tripped on cricketing details

There’s also a Netflix show following an Indian Premier League team – “Cricket Fever: Mumbai Indians” – maybe we will watch and report back.

Women’s World Cup - England vs. India in Mount Manganui (NZ)

will be on Webcric starting at 9 PM EST.

This one will be fun to watch hopefully - the Indian women have two great batsmen (batswomen?) in Smriti Mandhana and Harmanpreet Kaur.
England has yet to win a match in the competition so they need to win their next 4 to stay alive.

As a lesbian I strongly support women’s sports and cricket no exception.

ICC Women’s World Cup 2021/22 Table

in other match news I want to find a way to stream Ranji Trophy matches - the Indian domestic competition is alternately very talented and hilariously lopsided. rooting for tamil nadu obv :tiger: :tiger2:

poor nagaland . . .



it’s a great look right? kind of like mecha or something


Quick score review of current matches

Australia                          556/9d &  97/2d
Pakistan (109.1 ov, target 506)    148 &     249/3
Day 5 - Session 1: Pakistan need 258 runs.

abdullah shafique on 96 and just got out off an edge to slip… babar azam on 131 not out. shame to see shafique go just short of his century. this one could turn into a nailbiter later today if someone manages to build another partnership with babar

this commentary also taught me the concept of a “pair” which is when a player gets out for 0 runs in both innings of a match.

color commentary ftw

0-0 = a “pair of spectacles”

Two consecutive pairs, or, more generally, four consecutive 0s, are referred to as an Audi.

A player who has completed an Audi and is yet to score in yet another consecutive innings is said to be “on an Olympic”, an expression alluding to the five interlocking “Olympic rings”.

rooting for Babar to get on 150 here, he’s just gotten up to 142

Women's World Cup
India Women   (36.2 ov)    134
England Women (31.2/50 ov) 136/6
ENG Women won by 4 wickets (with 112 balls remaining)

embarrassing. let’s move on

Jharkhand (77 ov) 880 & 342/3
Nagaland 289
Day 5 - Jharkhand lead by 933 runs.

what are we even doing here

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just think they look cool idk


Beautifully written article about Babar Azam’s 196 to save a draw for Pakistan, and more generally about the rhythms of cricket

hand drawn scorecard found on reddit, complete with ‘wagon wheel’ (map of where the batter hit the ball within the field)


holes out to bonner at deep midwicket



Bangladesh’s coming out party

1st ODI (D/N), Centurion, Mar 18 2022, Bangladesh tour of South Africa

Bangladesh      314/7
South Africa    276    (48.5/50 ov, target 315)
Bangladesh won by 38 runs
PLAYER OF THE MATCH: Shakib Al Hasan, BAN - 77 runs (64 balls)

For the first 20 years of their history as a international cricketing nation, Bangladesh was considered one of the “minnows” - a team that regularly got run over by the more established nations. Their record in Test matches from 2000-2013 was 7-69-2. They were so pathetic that when comparing players’ statistics, cricket stats nerds would take care to throw out any statistics achieved against Bangladesh.

2022 is the year that is beginning to change. They won against New Zealand away in January - their 6th ever Test win overseas. Now they’ve beaten South Africa away, their first ever ODI win in SA. These are much bigger cricketing nations than the ones they’re used to beating (like Kenya, Afghanistan, Zimbabwe etc). New Zealand are the defending World Test Champions. And South Africa is a side that’s been historically strong in ODIs. (From 2016-2021, SA 3-0’d or 5-0’d the following teams: Australia (x2), Sri Lanka (x2), Zimbabwe, and Bangladesh themselves in 2017.)

so yeah, big deal and it’s good to see a formerly-weak cricket nation building a strong future. they have an opportunity to win the Test matches in this series as well - because South Africa’s best players have opted to skip the 5-day matches in favor of playing in the Indian Premier League. Shorter matches for more money, only makes sense.

cricket stats are fun. they have graphs fittingly called the “manhattan” (skyline) and the “worm”


WI vs Eng 2022 - Kraigg Brathwaite takes pride as West Indies triumph with full team performance (

I should check out the highlights of this one, Windies have been floundering on the international stage lately so to see them come away with a series win vs England is very heartening

Also, IPL has started and I subscribed to ESPN+ in order to watch the matches. my beloved Chennai Super Kings have lost to the Kolkata Knight Riders… but longtime player DJ Bravo (that’s his real name) took 3 wickets for 20 runs… and did a little dance after each one

as @digs mentioned to me, it’s refreshing to see a sport that has literally zero interest in the affairs of Americans or Anglophones