cool music videos



someday, somebody else, besides me, will call me by my stage name,





Angle Grinder Music is what you are craving?

Search no more:


love the outfits here


@parker and @feminaridens2 punk.


have not been this blown away by a song/mv in a long time

kind of disappointed to know the lead actor in the video is not actually the singer but it’s still great



Was reflecting how how it’s kinda fucked up how we created the single greatest theme song and intro that will ever be in the 90’s and now it’s only downhill:

When I remembered that there’s two absolutely dope alternate X-Men intros that were made for the Japanese broadcast.





somehow i thought that i had posted this before, but it seems i did not.

well, now i do:

if you wanna catch my attention, this is how you do it by book.
exactly the right amount of pixel-nostaliga art, having some likable (or horrible) korean rap mashed over it, and using the 1/2P graphics as a gimmick - damn you, got me watching it.


to appease the powers that be:
bonus weirdo funky MV that should be from 20+ years ago, but isn’t:



just the uncanniness on this one



i had this exact idea for a music video to make in college in 2015


not as uncanny as the last one i posted but like still very deliberate