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How do companies learn how to stay “union-free?” They are taught by consultants provided by their local Chamber of Commerce. And here is exactly what that looks like.

Though a state’s Chamber of Commerce may have the public image as the soul of upright citizenship, they are to varying degrees villainous tools of capital that act directly to squeeze the wages of working people in order to benefit their employers.

Not cool at all

Also, Sony Japan serviced PS2’s for 18 years :open_mouth: Good on them


This one absolutely appalled me. A gaming related story of Big Oil trying to crush even the slightest of resistance.


I heard the maker of this game give a talk at a conference and she was wonderful. Have you seen any updates on this since last November?


No I haven’t. Just came across that article and tried to spread the word a little. And visited her lovely website.


We might have to learn to think prisons in their narrative capacity to provide an alibi to the condition of citizenship. For the citizen, prison provides a convenient narrative infrastructure to answer the question “Where would we put all of the bad people?”… Without the figure of the non-citizen, the citizen might be impossible.



all of elena ferrante’s articles on her weekly column are delightful. the last one i read was this one:


im looking into manufactured counter-culture


a great ba thesis on neo-neo-realism


great interview by red bug audio university



Not into math at all, but still a fun read of an extraordinary story.
Infinity not as an unsolvable problem, but as the ever-present God/ infinite cycle of Life.

2013 article on the complexities of marijuana legalization and drug policy. Would be interesting to read up on how the situation has evolved since.


I don’t know how banking has resolved, but it hasn’t stopped the flow of capital to pop up many dozens of stores and become a dominant advertising industry in Seattle, nor do my friends complain about any purchasing issues. Presumably a proprietor’s life still suffers anxiety jags as federal Justice Department officials make disapproving noises from time to time.


big big idea


I wonder if the people writing articles with this thesis (I’ve seen a few) understood how kids used Minecraft, or had a thesis for how the post-MMO niche has flowered


i just googled ‘temporary autonomous zone minecraft’ and found nothing



i feel like this piece a) is good; but b) describes an idea that has existed since the advent of multiplayer online video games?

like this is DEFINITELY how a vast portion of the American Youth spent their childhoods in halo 2, 3, reach


Hell, I mean, it is the early SB Gears of War/Beers of War/Gears of Warp experience, in which we played a ton of that game, had numerous adventures, and nobody actually cared about that game at all.


I like the article, but this

Made me laugh because… it totally wasn’t? Like the amount of time my sister spent on the phone as a 90’s teen was a huge topic of debate in the household, and the decision to get her her own landline (!) so other people could like, make calls, was an extremely grave one, and all knew the disastrous consequences on FAMILY DINNER it portended.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, the third law of thermodynamics is “Parents just don’t understand” and this is unchangeable

but also - why is Fortnight catching on among the Normcore Youth in a way Second Life did not? I posit that it is because it has both
a) more murder options

and more importantly

b) more ways to clown on your friends