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It was kind of meh tbh. I know it’s an alpha and it’s just one game type on one map with a sampling of weapons but overall it didn’t really do a lot for me. It wasn’t as fast paced as I was expecting (though it was pretty smooth) and I mostly stuck to using the super shotgun and the sniper rifle since that’s what every one else was using.

I did manage to grab the demon power up once and kill two people with it but it didn’t really add a whole lot of variety to the experience. There was one gun that powered up a supershot while you were moving and if you stopped it quit and that was about the extent of uniqueness to the weapons available.

I wasn’t super enthused about the game before but now I’m even less so.

Sniper rifles seem really inappropriate for Doom.


I’m kind of torn on the idea of unique weapons in a new Doom given how it basically set the FPS standard, sniper rifles being one major exception.

New and interesting stuff is good, but I kind of prefer the idea of a new Doom just setting the new bar in terms of balance and functionality for that old standard. Like having the best feeling shotgun since maybe Doom itself and such.

Yeah I mean I’ll still play it to see the new monster designs in the single player and maybe the multiplayer will be better when there’s more maps and stuff available.

Part of what made the original Doom interesting was that it was one of the first FPS type games to come out and everything they were doing was basically brand new. But now it’s competing with other games in a really saturated genre and a lot of things are kind of set in their ways by convention and stuff so there’s that kind of tension between are they going to try to keep adding new things and try setting themselves apart or are they just going to try to be as good as everyone else is.

sniper rifle???

i am never playing this game


Level design sounds good. Modding being mostly restricted to SnapMap doesn’t sound so good.

yeah, it’s modding tools for people who don’t mod. Doom Maker, if you will. except not as good.

probably the right call but the doom community ain’t gonna be happy

edit: dw thread: modding is not ‘mostly’ restricted to snapmap. it is.

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[quote=“mauve, post:7, topic:65, full:true”]edit: dw thread: modding is not ‘mostly’ restricted to snapmap. it is.

That is some serious bullshit.

shouldn’t it be called doom 5?

What was Doom 4?

I played this alpha on PC. I played a few matches and felt like it was terrible, then it crashed. I kept telling myself I would play again to give it another shot before the weekend thing ended. I never did. I literally forgot about it. How a Doom game could be lazy enough to be forgettable in such a quick time span I have no idea.

was there not a doom 4 already? call this one doom 5 anyway.

I can’t watch this at work but there better not be one fucking spoken word in that trailer.

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There isn’t, miraculously.

Doesn’t look like anything new to people who have been following it up to now, though.

RIP DooM World Adventure

Am I just not seeing my RPG elements, level up system, perk tree, and RougeLike elements? I thought this was a modern game.

i don’t want to shit on anyone’s potential enjoyment of this game, but god does this game look like nothing the doom fan in me would ever touch with a 10 ft pole

i guess i’m kind of confused on why people seem to be anticipating it - the melee stuff looks abysmal and completely ridiculous

this looks infinitely more like brutal doom 2 than doom 4

(this thread doesn’t really have people too up on the game, but i guess there’s that glimmer of hope. maybe i’m answering my own question here)

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I remember seeing a demo play and thinking it was a Metroid Prime game in a Doom skin.