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What mansome pusses


Google Photos



my favorite thing about this image is that the longer you look at the pot, the harder it gets to tell


Julie loved this post. Frank looked like chicken that had been dipped in ground pepper.


I often say that I look like chicken that had been dropped on the floor of a barber shop


anyone have any experience with diabetic cats?



I regret to confirm that the second cat we ever had wound up being diabetic, but we didn’t find out until too late. He was a big guy and he was pretty lethargic, but it got really bad and so we brought him to the emergency vet, but he passed during the night. They told us afterward about his condition.


Anyway! Finally getting settled in!


Pardon my listicle





His sunbeam moved and it’s tough to go on



even cat videos are doing the long take hallway action scene gimmick now smdh


I was gonna say that it reminds me of when something barrels through a bunch of mouse traps. But then I was like, “oh, yeah…”


My dudes

(well my parentsesess)


Those are some solid dudes

Here are my dudes