,,,^..^,,,~ (Cat thread)




man of course there are loads of vet asmr yurtubs


i tried a lot of these today and i gotta say not many of them really work that well

squishing is a pretty good technique in general though


yeah likewise

my cats are very large though


I found out that our boy is not a shoulder cat at the very least



when you find the most comfortable spot on the bed

it’s where the maximum number of pillows and blankets overlap


An Intimate Conversation with John


Fuck you, weirdo.

We got birds to watch.


this is my favorite cat


I’d tell you he’d love to meet you and y’all should find some excuse to come down to Wichita, but for all his swagger when it’s just the seven of us, he’s actually a huge scaredy cat. I’ve posted this pic before, haven’t I?

He managed to sneak his way into the basement ceiling to hide while we were getting a couple of the other cats into carriers to go to the vet. He doesn’t get quite that freaked out when visitors show up, but it’s close.


unsure how i have never posted in this thread until now

this fella was diagnosed with ceruminal gland cancer at the beginning of the year, he’s had an operation and a course of steroids and seems to have recovered wonderfully

and this beautiful boy has been very ill the past couple of weeks with pancreatitis, the vets have given us 50:50 odds and it’s been a fuckin’ awful time but finger’s crossed he seems ok right now

so worrying about cats and being broke is a lot of my life right now


We’re moving at the end of this month. To memorialize this, I have changed my avatar to one of my favorite photos from our time here.






I am 100% ok with this becoming A Thing.


my cat is garth marenghi pass it on



Warning: The following screenshots show content with dog bonus characters