,,,^..^,,,~ (Cat thread)




this is rosie! it gets really cold at this time of year so she takes to the sunny spots when she can and glares at you if it looks like you might start blocking her light


I love this picture and I wish people could just enjoy stuff like this without having to invent the idea that it’s “old” or an “engraving.” Just credit the artist.


Just and correct



A legend.


Bullshit that some bookstores don’t have resident cats.


Anyway, here’s Natasha.


such beautiful eyes


Random internet kitty


I’m a huge sucker for contrasting whiskers


Game Store in Sapporo.



Sometimes she blesses me by pointing her face at my face instead of her butt at my face.





I too am still subscribed to this beautiful creature

Maybe if I could read Japanese, or bothered to google translate he would be less profoundly mysterious, but why would I do that


I have known my cat seven years and only today realised that the markings on her chest strongly resemble two gorillas kissing. pic.twitter.com/R4M6XfgEgy

— Tom Cox (@cox_tom) March 14, 2019