I don’t pay attention to criticism surrounding the Brave New Marvelverse but surely I can’t be the only person to wryly observe that Marvel is doing the same thing to their shows that they did to their comics and probably they’re going to get the same result


i watched the gun control episode of OK K.O. and it made me cry


The spread of too many things saturating the media for too long that newcomers don’t know where to begin and long-time fans losing interest in the same old things just rehashed constantly?

I’m speaking without knowing the comic-book side of things and making wide assumptions from the current Marvel movie landscape.


Yeah that’s about it


I appreciate how Fox started to do this with the X-men movies (actually echoing the X-men boom of the 90s) and then Marvel did exactly what Marvel did when the X-men stopped being as huge (in comic form) and "hold my beer"ed into making the giant MCU. It’s amazing how little they learned.


i read something somewhere that was like “here’s what you need to see before seeing Infinity War” and i got so mad


I mean, I dunno, it’s been pretty successful. Like, it’ll get too big and run its course but some interesting things will probably happen along the way.

The problem is the constant need for every movie to be more successful than the last - just let it run its course I guess


Marvel has turned movie watching into busy-work

They’re not even good. They’re bloated, tedious filmmaking-by-spreadsheet wastes of time. They stain the soul of film-making by turning it into a medium designed to be consumed by the worst sort of completionist. The kind of person that doesn’t care about content except as a checklist to experience. Gotta stay for the mid credits scene and two after-credits scenes or else you didn’t really experience the film.


yeah but like

ragnarok was pretty good


enter the spiderverse was REALLY good tho

is that an mcu movie

do i care


it absolutely was not


it was not an MCU movie or

it was not good?

choose wisely


Not an MCU


they aren’t even good enough adaptations of the comic stories to be worth all the time they want you to spend sitting through them, either.

just read the ultimates instead of the first avengers movie, the infinity gauntlet instead of infinity war, planet hulk instead of thor ragnarok, and just ignore civil war because it’s dumb and it sucks anyway


I mean it’s a lot cheaper and quicker to watch, what, two dozen movies or whatever than read literally of dozens of different comic titles each that release a new issue each month. And spinoffs and one shots and and and…

Theoretically. I am a tepid MCU fan because at the current rate of movie releases it’s a canon I can kind of keep on top of and that’s amusing in its way. But I’m already losing track with all the crappy TV shows, and there will absolutely be a time where I go “welp, just don’t care about Marvel any more” and stop watching anything.


I watched the Ant Man sequel and something about it…broke me.


I kinda stopped keeping up with Marvel Cartoons after that one spider-man cartoon that always tried to use family guy style side cuts for bad jokes. I’ve seen a few clips here an there of some other cartoons and feel forlorn about how how homogenous the designs are to compare with the MCU appearances.

Avengers Earth’s Mightest Heroes was probably the best attempt at a marvel universe cartoon up untill the second season where they tried to make it a little more kid friendly with more episodic saturday morning plots for some episodes.



all the stories i mentioned, the ones the movies are based on, finished at least a decade ago. the infinity gauntlet was printed in 1991!

coincidentally, since marvel went all in on their boring movies, almost all their comics have been terrible, too.