Oh yeah no agree for sure he is the sweetest boy and he only gets better with time


hunter x hunter is the show to go to when you want to see some fictional games and laws and other complicated concepts explained. that’s what i mainly remember about it: mountains of exposition

but in a good way


Man, I really appreciate Kurapika getting gradually more androgynous as the show progresses


Hunty cross Hunty


Yknow I have the power to delete your posts now


Then you would be Hun Cross Hun



jesus christ today’s episode of mob psycho 100 puts so much bigger budget feature animation to shame


opponent: “heh… had enough, kid?”

gon, dying: “no!!!”

opponent: “shit. god dammit. i could not have predicted this. fuck”


i been watching a lot of OK KO! Let’s Be Heroes. i really really love it, i think it’s like, if i made a wish to a djinni and said “Order me a cartoon” and he magicked up one to exactly my desires, it would look pretty close to OK KO! Let’s Be Heroes. it’s moment-to-moment extremely funny and fun to look at. i really enjoy when a cartoon is made by people who realize that a joke can just be a silly drawing. it also manages to be really sweetly written and relevant, and loaded with incredibly specific references to video games and cartoons, all at once, without it ever feeling like stupid pandering (Take It Sleazy has some good posts itt highlighting this already. there is an actual Captain Planet episode and it’s funny and genuine and so so good)


Scooby Doo Mystery Inc is exactly what I needed to de-stress this past month. It is the batshit idea to do a large character-driven story arc for the Scooby Doo gang, across two seasons, with a clear end point to resolve all the plot threads.

Wonderful characterization, lots of fun with the Hanna Barbera universe, excellent voice acting, and a lot of delightful surprises and twists. Characters date, break up, find long-lost relatives, deal with evil cults, unveil lost backstory, all in a nice big continuity. They unmask a villain Velma calls “Hot Dog Water” because she smells like hot dog water, then later ends up partnering up with her for like an entire season. A character named Hot Dog Water is absolutely plot-crucial, which kinda says it all. It rules.

Really makes me wish there was more of this, but, the 52 episodes of the run will keep be busy for a while.

Edit: Also if anyone knows which of the straight-to-DVD movies are good, I’m down for those if they’re anything like Mystery Inc.


The late 90s/very early 2000s ones are probably the closest in tone. Zombie Island and Witch’s Ghost, and Alien Invaders are all pretty solid, IMO.


The Supernatural crossover episode is way better than it has any right to be, to.


yeah, Mystery Inc is just about the only Scooby Doo thing I like, its an absolute delight.

It also did the whole ‘intentionally vague time period’ thing which I always find fun.


I noticed that the other day - nobody in this show has cell phones, or uses the internet. Could be in the 80’s or the early 90’s.


Velma runs an internet blog so it edges more towards 90s but you could hand wave her as an early adopter. Or that most of the town is just behind. There’s alot of fun ways to ponder on it. I also enjoy anachronistic technology stories. Archer was kind fun just watching the technology time line just completely collapse at the writers whims.


There’s a deliberate mix of modern and old stuff. IIRC at one point someone has a digital camera with a flashcube plugged in, stuff like that. It’s just the kind of meta joke some of the people who worked on this like to do, but if you want an in-universe explanation you can possibly blame it on (end of series spoiler) it being a different timeline.


there’s also how everyone knows how vinyl records work but are completely unfamiliar with the ancient technology of cassette tapes


I mean isn’t that actually true in our world right now


you haven’t looked at bandcamp lately, cassettes are almost as popular as vinyl

its cd roms that no one knows how to use anymore


can confirm i bought three tapes tonight