I need to warn you now





why do you think i’m watching ms. beelzebub at the same time


gonna probably add “the new” boogiepop and a few other things i been curious about too


I realized fairly recently that I’d never seen Sailor Moon before, so I plowed through several episodes… and, it’s kind of terrifying, actually? (In a cool way, but keeping in mind the intended audience.)

I tried showing it to my older daughter, who’s six, and she was all NOPE NOPE NOPE. Couldn’t convince her to come back for more. And she loves other magical girl type stuff.


It could be worse, you could have started with Super S, which, uh, the macguffins

Like, visually and aurally, it comes off like, um

Let’s say it’s traumatic looking

I’m gonna warn you again

you’re going to hit Ghost Banri

it’s all downhill from there

also the second opening song

the air yakisoba

the endless parade of TADA BANRI


I’m watching the virtual tuber thing and it feels like I’m dying and falling into the abyss and I’m seeing this as the neurons in my brain die off in a long, continuous wave and this is their final cry for help as I black out

Horse is cool though. Give that man a show.


Ya’ll are really trying to make me watch this, huh?

Honestly I’m pretty down with virtual youtubers for the most part, I just wish they weren’t such fucking shrills.


huh weird the new carmen sandiego cartoon references the old cartoon

the old theme plays in the background during a scene where she gets her coat and hat from a character with the same design/voice actress as the old carmen

also brought back the kid characters zack and ivy

that’s a sort of niche form of nostalgia (i think the pbs show was much more popular) but neat i guess

also i guess this whole thing is a prequel to a live action movie

very weird show


the longer young justice goes on, the more i wonder if people who don’t know about all these characters get anything out of it. there’s like 6 active good guy teams with dozens of characters and most of them get like 1-3 lines per season. feels very dependent on an existing emotional connection to dc comics in general.

justice league unlimited was able to have showcase episodes for kind of obscure characters and take time to give them some personality. 2/3rds of this giant cast just flies in, does a power, says a quip and peaces out. i mean the “main crew” of the season actually are developed pretty well and have a good rapport and everything but goddamn if they aren’t in the most complex plot machine ever devised


first there were young justice characters on teen titans go and now young justice has


i watched zaregoto. it’s good if you’re into nisio isin nonsense and ridiculous detective stories. i can’t wrap my head around the ending though; i think it’s because they had to conclude the ova whereas the light novels are much longer?

funniest thing about it though was that by re-encoding the audio to make the files playable on my parents’ tv, i ended up unveiling a different layer of subtitles (. . . or something). the result was shit like this


Odds are very good if you load the original file into AegisSub, you’ll see these lines as notes

They’re supposed to be commented out like notes in code


The time has come…
to watch Mysterious Cities of Gold for, maybe the tenth time in as many years


I’m 50 episodes into Hunter x Hunter and I like it a lot


HxH is great cause it’s like if shonen was good

And I like shonen when it’s bad


I love Dragon Ball and this is like Dragon Ball with More Friendship and Actual Power Limits


My heart swells whenever Gon and Killua are on screen together


Yeah the like ironed out powers system that also allows for really creative abilities rules. And Kilua + Gon actual feel like kid best friends it’s great


Kilua is my son and I love him


He ends up, much later in the series that I thought wouldn’t stretch that far, being a (not literal) father figure which suits Killua’s character perfectly. He’s a good kid.