They actually made a Ronja movie here in the 80’s. What little I’ve seen of the cartoon it has a pretty different tone but haven’t really seen either in a while now. It’s very much a children’s movie of its time but I imagine it might still be an alright watch for curiosity’s sake? There seems to be english subtitles available for it from at least various sub hosting sites so if you could find a download for the movie then you’d be set.

(only clip on youtube that had english subs)

(must’ve gotten a blu-ray release at some point because this is way sharper then thought)


I loved this movie


i haven’t seen any previous versions of it, but i loved the first two episodes of the new boogiepop show. (“the new boogiepop show” sounds like an 80s hanna barbera show)
mp100 is still great, obviously. the first episode just had so many elements i love~
i know almost nothing about magical girl special ops asuka, but this art looks really cool so i’m gonna watch it

also i’ve started watching macross 7. a great-looking show about space robots and space guitars. plus the main characters live in an abandoned apartment building in an abandoned part of the space colony, which is cool.


i’m contractually obligated to post this everytime Macross 7 gets mentioned anywhere.


I like anime again


Glad it still holds up! Did you ever see the somewhat older movie The Brothers Lionheart (Bröderna Lejonhjärta) also based on Astrid Lindgren books? It’s a bit more generic fantasy but also an actual isekai story by dying of tubercolosis.

There’s barely any good clips online to show but here’s some good good dragon effects that has probably scared the shit out of most of the young population here
(Seems to be blocked from embedding?)


I haven’t, though I remember reading about it after watching ronja


there’s a show called virtual san is watching that is all virtual youtubers doing what amounts to a 1970s variety show and it randomly goes into a dizzying first person handheld camera perspective and i think out of the 7 or 8 main girls, 3 of their gimmicks are that they are way horny and it’s so dizzying and high energy and hellish it’s basically what you would invent as a parody of entertainment in an old scifi novel

this is coming from someone who has watched multiple tv shows made in miku miku dance where the actresses just adlib random shit


Most of the horniness is bleeding over from Akari really, dirty jokes being more her thing. Most folks seeing it as a desperation measure for attention when Luna came out of nowhere and steamrolled her for the number 2 Vtuber slot.

But yeah, as someone who has obviously gone way too far down this rabbit hole this was just kinda there and the shaky cam was just weird. And probably because the whole formatting is off from what they usually do, if they had just been adlibbing it probably would have been more normal. Like the Game Club’s bit was probably the best one and it’s basically just like any one of their usual weird short skits they do when not doing game videos.

I think a better Vtuber show would just be Peanuts-kun doing his usual shit:

Kerin doing his usual shit:

And then call in Antin with his ridiculous live action garbage bag suit bits:

And you’ve basically got Japanese Adult Swim.

Did I mention I’ve fallen way too far down this rabbit hole?


The latest batch of Young Justice eps has one where all the clones of a character get together and become rent-a-cops and it is the most insane thing I’ve seen in ages


the new season started, I was more or less snowed in and had nothing better to do

join me on my trip to hell

Rising of Shield Hero - okay, I don’t have a problem with the use of things like slavery in a fantasy context or the idea that loser shield bro gets fucked over because a woman faked being sexually assaulted per se. what I do have a problem with is the idea that loser shield bro supposedly spent a bunch of his time reading light novels and couldn’t see the laziest, most hackneyed betrayal ploy working him over. the former, in the context of the story, are just lazy writing; the latter is just fucking bad writing.

this show is goddamn trash and I’m fucking in for the 6 month ride of terrible

Magical Spec-Ops Asuka - it’s a dumber Madoka for military nerds, with the hook being “well, what does a magical girl do after they win” and apparently the answer to that is PTSD

this show is terrible trash and I’m out

Grimms Note The Animation - is this a cartoon about determinism

I like the idea that the heroes are fairy tale cops who are also magical girls (at least two of the group switch genders when it’s time to fight) but I can’t help but think all of neat ideas at work are just leading to a “what really is freedom?” plot

also I’m pretty sure the Brothers Grimm did not create Robin Hood, Alice or Goliath

this show is okay and I’ll watch this dumb mobile game adaptation

WATATEN! (as a side note, fuck portmanteaus) - when I read about this, my dyslexia apparently kicked in and I thought it was about a weird middle school girl crushing on a college girl and then I started watching the show and oh no it was the other way around, but thankfully, mercifully, the joke is that the middle school girl’s stranger danger alarm is going off the entire time, which says the author is terrible enough to flesh out this concept but has enough shame to know this is Not Okay. also it has a cool mom

this show is trash and I’ll probably watch it because I probably have less shame than the creator

The Promised Neverland - holy goddamn whoever got their grubby mitts on this comic is directing the shit out of this show and hope it can keep on the fun shot composition and cutting and pacing with its wacky plot and I like these things enough that I’m willing to overlook that black maid in the opening, who is probably not offensive but look, I’m an American, black maids in media trigger certain reactions (unless I’m watching Gimme a Break (okay, yes, I know, Nell wasn’t a maid but I can’t not read into a black woman helping around a white household while living there))

where was I? anyway, cool plot, I won’t ruin the reveal but let’s just say I’m waiting for anime Edward G. Robinson to pop up

this show is actually good and I’m gonna have to watch it to wash the stink off from everything else

My Roommate is a Cat - yeah, this show is okay. it’s cute, it’s inoffensive, it’s filled with the incredible coincidence where everyone in the protagonist’s life also owns cats. I dunno, I’m a dog person, I can’t relate, but sure, asshole author dude seems like a good target for being a cat owner

it’s okay, I ain’t got nothin’ else better to do

The Quintessential Quintuplets - one, fuck this name. two, the show is of the genre of “bawdy teen romcom”, which means it’s perverted enough to raise an eyebrow but chaste enough (the show flashes forward to show the protag and one of the identical quins marrying, a hilarious scene where he is fully voiced but the bride is fucking subtitled and mouthing words) to make having a plot worth it, which should tell you everything. I do like that our main hero is a lonely asshole who likes studying and instead of everyone being “yo, a smart dude!”, they’re instead “that weirdo is studying too hard again, ostracize him” and he seems pretty even keeled for a harem protag in that much of nothing fazes him but also guy how do you expect 5 girls to react to you following and watching them from behind random objects.

anyway, this show is, going by the next ep preview, some straight-ass trash and I will watch it

Ekodachan - hey, a realistic-ass comedic look at a twentysomething lady’s life in Japan and it’s 3 minutes long and every episode has a different director and voice actress and gets followed up with a 20 minute interview with said principals? sign me up!


of course I’m going to watch a show that drops a non sequitur like that, I am a trash man


And now I’m all the way through the third season and I am bereft until season 4 starts.


A Place Further than the Universe rules


do you write for the New York Times


Boy this anime about a pedophile college student sure is completely terrible.

Anyway monster strike is good


OKAY, I caved and looked this up and,

the cat girl dressed like a plastic bag is My Look


I didn’t realize these were real people with Anime Fursonas.

Anyway this is what I’m talking about. Kind of disgusting. I love it.


So, general consensus is that The Shivering Truth is something of a disappointment?




here what i been watchin

As Ms. Beelzebub Likes

this is a romantic comedy set in a version of hell where everyone dresses in lolita fashion and everything is cute follows the tsundere male assistant to beelzebub who is a lazy airhead who loves cute things
bonus points for featuring a male character who is outwardly hella masc but mostly enjoys bear shaped pancakes and womens fashion from the 1930’s who the main character looks up to

Golden Time

not really sure how i feel about this but im only three episodes in. another stuffy romance, this time about college students. follows a kid from a small town attending law school who’s falling for his only friends childhood pal who doggedly pursues (the friend) despite him clearly being terrified of her but also suddenly segues into the loneliness of college life when you don’t know anyone

Angels of Death

gee this is another anime adapted from an RPG maker game that became popular about a creepy suicidal girl who may or may not have done something terrible as she and an absolute psychopath try to navigate through a SAW esque labriynth of terror but none of these characters are interesting, get fucked

Rascal Does Not Love Bunny Girl Senpai

following sleazy’s post earlier i started watching this but the romantic arc in the first three episodes is so incredibly well done for an anime i haven’t been able to bear continuing cuz i’m worried these two are gonna drift apart

SSSS. Gridman

wild that i can clearly articulate and spot out every reference to superhuman samurai syber squad despite not having seen the show since i was maybe 5 years old