I’m going to say that Hi-Score Girl is a good show in the face numerous translation fuckups and a “check back in March fuckers” ending on the basis of an (obviously) extended joke about NeoGeo CD load times


Enjoyed Haggar’s trip to the alternate reality. I feel like that should’ve been a full episode, one that started idyllic and turned sour, showing she could never live that kind of life now.

The battle itself was a bit too much into the “nobody takes persistent damage, everyone just keeps powering up more” zone. I know that’s Voltron’s MO, but I keep thinking back to something like the Season 2 finale, where they had this sweet Blade of Marmora hand-to-hand battle going on alongside the mecha fight, and it avoided getting samey that way.

Also was hoping for a bit more from the Atlas fighter squadrons, but, I’m definitely satisfied with what we got last season.

This show ruled.


Also for some reason I teared up when they showed a glimpse of Hunk’s future and Vrepit Sal’s there with him, beaming with pride.


To be fair the manga was still running when it aired and the anime would be maybe halfway through it anyway, and I don’t see the OVAs getting much futher without rushing a lot. Really all I just want from the anime at this point is to get to Haruo’s mom and Oono’s older sister heckling him as he plays Tokimeki Memorial, Oono’s sister having both bought it for him and insisted on him playing it. And then coming to pester him as he does so.


the cutoff point of the TV run is actually literally Koharu confessing, I mean it happens as the credits are rolling and the OVA is only going to be 3 eps long so

I should go find and read it instead of being lazy and having decently done CG delivered to my door


oh, I did this and I like it and I want to punch Haruo too but then the scanlation stops right at the end of vol 8 and even though it’s wrapped up now it doesn’t seem like anyone’s picked that back up unless I’m being lazy still


It’s just the scanlators are of the slow and sporadic sort. Forgot to warn you about that, sorry.


I’ve kind of assumed there won’t be anymore scanlations until the final volume comes out if it hasn’t already

it’s no big deal, I was ready to wait 3 months, what’s another (indeterminate amount of time) gonna be


I just binged the first season of Star vs the Forces of Evil and I like it, but I think mostly because Star is pretty much one of my friends so her personality has a different dimension (no pun intended) for me.


Star Vs. is a lot of fun and it gets much better in the second season!



No Rockapella, no sale


The show will also feature some of her post-school heists, as she travels the world as a thief that only steals from other thieves.

The fuck is this bullshit.


she can still raid the british museum!


No Statue of Liberty heist no sale


My personal Carmen Sandiego is Where In Space Is Carmen Sandiego Carmen Sandiego



If a show producer were intelligent and forward-thinking, they’d put together a lot of simple entertainment truths - massive income inequality, “villains are more sympathetic than heroes”, “good guys aren’t always good”, “not enough women protagonists”, “not enough Latina protagonists”, “not enough protagonists who scare rich people”, “Carmen Sandiego canonically only cares about becoming more powerful and stealing for fun and profit”, “risky moves = instant clamor”, “reinventing kids stuff so adults are interested in it again automatically makes money in proportion to how interested adults are in it” - and make Sandiego meaner and stronger, not nicer and weaker. It’s the obvious thing to do so I’m not sure who was invested in seeing her back in daycare or whatever.


Sorta halfway hate that Young Justice kinda effortlessly picked up where they left off because it makes me want to rewatch the old seasons and I do not have time for that.


mob psycho 100 also still good in the new season, still being made like they’re in a contest daring each other animate the hardest things possible


she-ra and the princesses of power is kinda bland. it gets more eventful after the first half though.

really like how they set up the relationship between the cat girl and adora. the reaction faces are very animé, too

i’m currently watching ronja, the robber’s daughter. it’s a 3d animation made in part by studio ghibli based on a swedish childrens book. it’s pretty nice to hang out with.

it took me a while to realize i’m very into this kinda lazy, parochial nordic imagery from the turn of the last century that always come up when i think of these stories and the context of their creation. like, it would be alright to inhabit a similar mindspace of someone like tove jansson or sigrid undset for a moment idk