oh, well

in that case, you can get them Sailor Moon Crystal


why would you do that to someone


Sailor Moon classic is pretty high-energy and silly and i think there’s a good chance a modern kid would like it but i mean, if you have any concern they’re actively not going to give a shit enough to even try it, just give them cash yeah


this doesn’t really gesture at the weird plastic zemeckis automatons being the point and just sounds like what you’d expect from a Beowulf adaptation post-John Gardner


Actually the number one thing that might determine how much they enjoy it is probably how many songs are in it. If there’s not someone singing every 15 minutes or so, they will likely walk out.
Maybe I should just get them Utena instead


I don’t know what a John Gardner is, but what I meant to say was that the movie implies that the story doesn’t have some internal truth, but is just another version altered by whatever whim of the bard telling it round the campfire that night. They reach for realism but obviously this conflicts with idealism and the inherent incompleteness of all stories - hence the uncanny valley effect. Trying to make people both ideal and real and failing at both.

Keep in mind I also formed this opinion the single time I saw the movie when it was originally released which google says was 2007 so this is an opinion of 23 year old me


Ah, i getcha


John Gardner wrote grendel, a retelling of beowulf’s first part from the monster’s perspective


Into the Spider-verse is my favorite superhero movie. holy shit it’s so good


My only complaint is that it could do with a few less fat jokes, but that is relatively minor, but still a thing I don’t get why people are so cool with.


yeah, that’s the only complaint i could probably think of too!


I said it in the other thread, but it does underserve it’s female characters. Do we really need two father-son relationships? Easily could have developed the mother character and avoided doubling up. Penni also got the short end of the stick in being the least funny of the joke characters. Should have leaned into the anime angle instead of half-commiting because they had a cool shader and needed a girl character so fuck it, the mech one.

(An aside, what do you think anime looks like in the anime universe? Is it somehow even more anime than anime?)


it probably looks like how cartoons in Spongebob look, live-action on top of bad background and with questionable looking costumes

so, a lot like Japan’s live-action adaptations of anime


the genshiken rule is that no matter what anime inside anime should look like bad 90’s anime


i am riding the Raacal / Bunny Girl trai


i haven’t seen the movie, but peni is the character with the lowest previous pagecount by a long long way. like, all the others have had their own series, and i think she’s had like half an issue during an event storyline?


it’s so wild omg. basically speed racer 2


rascal / bunny girls first emotional arc is so succinct and paid off in a way romance rarely is in anime that it makes me want to stop watching


Cracking into Thunderbolt Fantasy S2 on this wintery-ass day
What a decent show this remains, with some of the most fun name translations around
Videogame with extremely well equipped robe design/arrangement suite plz


voltron really needed better pacing and planning overall. it’s a show that i really like but the overall plotline and character arcs really felt like they were constantly slipping out of hand, like the show was constantly trying to play catchup with itself. glad for the very ending-y ending and it was fun to see vehicle voltron and chip for a second and the last shot was uh…i’m very glad that kids get to see that a cool superhero is a gay dude and that counts for a lot but it would have been nice if curtis and shiro had ever had a conversation lol