i’ve been having a hard time getting through it too and i’m not sure if i’m going to finish. i read the manga a long time ago. it’s one of my favorites. the tone seemed more subdued.


Every now and then I remember how much I like Max Fleischer.


SSSS.Gridman invaded my dreams last night in a twisted way. It was amazing.

I can’t wait for the show’s finale, but I also wish I always had something this good and satisfying to watch every week.


there’s gonna be a china/mongolia co-produced cartoon about tthe life of karl marx


is a specter going to be haunting stuff in the beginning?

Is it going to be studio ghibli style adventure romp with floating castles? please say yes

I hope we’ll see chibi Karl Marx


it looks like some high brow fancypants anime


:clap: where :clap: are :clap: the :clap: beards


There are no beards in anime. Only mustaches and fake beards.


That’s somewhat unfortunate. The only high brow anime I ever liked was Monster and I didn’t even finish watching that


I’m four episodes away from being done with it, so I think I’ll finish. But man, I’d definitely like this show a bit more if Ash wasn’t literally the best at literally everything.


Watching the Netflix Baki series I am reminded that impossible waifpeople anime < impossible beefpeople anime forever


The animation in The Polar Express has aged realllllly badly


zemickis’ whole run with mars needs moms, beowulf, the jim carrey scrooge is really just visually disastrous and makes you realize that it is possible to have designs less timeless than final fantasy the sprits within


Hey, I just saw that a week ago for the first time! I liked it, actually. It was German dubbed, so no Jim Carrey, but the animation was fine…


Gridman defeating Alexis Kereb with the frightening potential of mortality is so my shit that I need to lie down for a while.


Because I’m in the middle of making my mom a gift for Christmas I’ve been binging through Gankutsuou after a failed attempt to burn through the box set when I first got it a couple years back. The texturing is great, dub’s fine but the mapping of the man in the iron mask to “blue-skinned space vampire literally being sapped of his life because revenge GANKUTSUOU” is a bit too literal. I guess what I’m saying is it doesn’t live up to the source material, as cool as setting it in a science-fiction era was.


technically speaking, you get Jim Carrey regardless of of the spoken language you watch it in because it’s a weird performance capture nightmare

hi, I’m going to do maybe a longish and boring deep dive post representing my terrible descent

so more or less, after the previous season ended, I didn’t watch anything for a month or so because life got in the way and then, at some point in November I fucking snapped

Amagami SS and Amagami SS+ - okay, so this is a lot like other dumb romcom horny cartoons except the big draw is that it’s an omnibus show. being that Amagami is a weird visual novel/board navigation hybrid thing with 6 main routes, there’s no way you could do it justice by picking a girl and doing their courtship. so they did all six and two bonus routes. so you get 6 and a half times the amount of horny mishaps and dumb plots and questionable/happy endings for the price of one.

unsurprisingly, the quality of the show is largely dependent on the route. Kaoru, who is the second (?) (no I’m not checking) heroine, is the only one resembling an actual human being and her relationship with Blankface Cipher is realistic and isn’t mostly based on anime horniness. Tsukasa, who is last, probabnly isn’t as realistic and good but she’s fucking batshit crazy so it’s entertaining. meanwhile, there’s everyone else. and then there’s the bonus routes, with the protag’s younger sister (fuck you I’m not watching that) and an absolutely insane episode about the girl constantly stalking the protag and that whole thing was such a wild ride that I was pretty watching jaw agape, eyes wide open and bracing myself on the couch from the sheer amount of power being emanated from this piece of animation

rating: eagerly awaiting the translation patch of the game/wait, she stalked him so hard she cause the whole show to happen?

Seiren - so this is part 3 of the Amagami Cinematic Universe. it is a completely original cartoon created by the… character designer of Amagami? no, that’s stupid.

anyway, it takes place at the same high school in the same town and I bet it probably canonizes one of the routes from Amagami but I’m not watching again (again) to find out. it does the same thing: asshole guy, girls, omnibus format. it is somehow more horny and less horny than Amagami and also far less well written (fun fact: the second half will never be made because they bungled the ending to the first route so badly that Japan gave up on the show). this was also my second time seeing it (I had seen it last year when it was airing) but decided to revisit it after Amagami to compare and contrast and uh, well, it doesn’t measure up.

rating: 3 Sega references/5 venison dishes

Dragon Pilot: Hisone and Masotan - oh my god it actually vores her I thought I was just joking

show seems cool otherwise

rating: wait, she gets ejected every time by being vomited/what do you mean her flight suit dissolves oh my god it ate her

ID-0 - a weird CG robot action/bizarre plot show made aired last year produced by the World Cosplay Summit(?) and scooped up by Netflix because why not. this show is probable madman Goro Taniguchi (he of Scyred, Planetes, Active Raid and some small show no one’s seen, uh, Code Geass I think it’s called?) just having more fun before Sunrise throws him back into the brinkmanship dungeon of further Geass sequels. it’s a lot like Scryed in that there’s a bunch of things happening and some rivalries and general insanity except it’s half as long so there’s no time to dwell or develop plot concepts so we’re just dropping Key Words all over the place and eventually the plot makes sense as our cool mining company heroes save the universe from a giant Roomba.

rating: 4 ruminations on the nature of existence and humanity/5 wait one of the robots is literally an animal

Mayoi Neko Overrun! - I don’t have much to say about this show (it’s an LN adaptation whose gimmick is that every episode is an exercise in auteurism) and you probably know it because it is the source of That Ping Pong Scene, You Know The One, but randomly one of the episodes is a spot on parody/homage of a Brave Robots show and thus I am forced to proclaim the show is perfect


Is the Order a Rabbit? (Gochiusa) - I don’t fucking get this show for the life of me and I don’t want to drink enough bleach to lower my IQ to the point of actually enjoying it. but hey, the opening for the first season is pretty good


GJ Bu - this is the slice of life/girls doing nothing version of a six-pack of soda in a movie/TV show with a generic Drink label on it

rating: okay, I get that the Canadian girl speaks broken Japanese and eats meat, but why the fake cat ears made from her hair/well, if someone sniffed me, I would be pissed too

Gonna Be the Twintails! - I can’t tell if the show, where one of the main conceits is that the near endless parade of sentai-esque lieutenants each have a very specific moe fetish thing (this guys into ribbons! that guy is into braids! this guy is into crossdressing!), is laughing with me or at me. also the show is seemingly falling apart towards the end w/r/t production quality, so that’s funny

rating: okay, look, glasses isn’t a fetish, stop silently judging me show/okay, I get it, the sidekick girl’s chest is flat

Skull-face Bookseller Honda-san - oh, wait, we’re back to good shows again? how long is that gonna last?

good show.

rating: I too love organizing things endlessly

Hakumei and Mikochi - holy fuck this show is so disgustingly good and well directed that whenever an episode ends my reaction is just “It’s over already?” even seeing a few episodes propelled this to the top of my list for the year

rating: every episode plays lore over the ending song, as if the staff looked at the show and thought “no, our excellent world building isn’t good enough”

Darling in the Franxx - hey, I finished this show! it was fucking bad! fuck that Ideon ripoff bullshit ending!

rating: I take solace in the fact that I will debase myself even more sooner or later

stay tuned for when I buy some beer and marathon all of My Sister, My Writer and then drunkenly shitpost about it


oh this is good to hear, I haven’t watched it yet at all but I like the manga more than I expected to


the aesthetics and personalities of dirty pair would fit so much better to me if they were hustlers on the run instead of the charlie’s angels style premise it has


dragon pilot looks like it’s about vore, but it’s actually about mental illness