megalbox dub is okay, i kinda wish the voice actors for joe and yuri were swapped out tho


Sometimes I like Banana Fish, sometimes I feel somehow duty-bound to watch it, sometimes it makes me uncomfortable in ways that are maybe the wrong kind of uncomfortable. The show’s really weird tonally. But I’mma see this through.

Curious to check out the manga after this.



Into the Spider-Verse is real fuckin’ good

go see it



we were all too busy looking for dumb Spiderman memes and the hilarious inflation Miles’s dimension is suffering from

maybe I’ll look for it when I go see it again


2014 - Will Forte plays Abraham Lincoln in The Lego Movie
2018 - Into the Spider Verse has a “Clone College” poster
2022 - The Entire Cast of Clone High is in the background of Lord and Miller’s Roger Rabbit 2
2026 - Clone High finally revived by Netflix but it’s a live action show that is hated by tru-fans


How dare you render this terrible curse, throw your Clone High DVD collection over your left shoulder and spit (broken glass)


Can you use this power to take over/get your own one of the Star Treks? Thx

My dream is a classic Williams Street remix using the animated series art.


want to say that neo-yokio christmas special continues it’s run as the most webcomic possible of tv shows for good and for ill


Finally checking it out based on this recommendation and what the heck, it’s actually good huh? ‘Sarcastic main character underselling all kinds of goofy anime shit’ sounds like the absolute worst kind of self-satisfied snark, but idk how to describe it that explains how well it works? The part in the first episode where the protagonist is almost surprised into showing genuine emotion and then visibly switches into sarcasm mode is the most relatable thing I’ve seen on a TV in a long while.



Also, there are no queer characters but I’m going to give Sakuta an honorary Trans Ally card anyways:


my personal cartoon update: I stopped watching Castlevania because Hilda is way cuter and has better music and creatures


hilda is a good show, and for parents, i bet it’s a lot more tolerable than most kids cartoons.
but it just didn’t hold my interest


It’s a true kid’s show, yeah, but it was excellent background noise to half pay attention to when that’s what I was looking for in a TV show.

Grimes singing every episode was a bit distracting, though.


people getting along with one another and solving problems while meeting whimsical creatures is exactly what i need from my escapism right now so it’s definitely working

i can’t deal with shows that have, like, conflict, it’s too stressful


Just woke from a dream where, for convoluted reasons, my father and I were uncomfortably accosted in a hotel lobby by four men who looked like extras from The Sopranos. They bobbed off-time and in mocking tones loudly began to sing the Three Caballeros song, only to mumble and lose track when they reached “three gay caballeros…”


the new ok ko is even more wildly animated than usual


wait the implication in voltron is that something like the original voltron is an in-universe cartoon? i’m not mad at that (i always wanted star trek to have the animated series be an in universe educational show or something) but it’s a shame that’s the only time we’ll hear the “real” theme song. Pidge’s “Pidge” impression is wild tho lol