new daria, new aeon flux, and now


With Mills Lane dead, who’s gonna serve as their ornery referee?


i don’t know how to articulate this properly but this is the show that made me realize i was old enough to understand that MTV wasn’t actually “cool” and the fact that it’s getting remade is just… weird


but weren’t they making downtown, daria and fear around the same time? those shows are all cool.

celebrity deathmatch sucks though, you are right about that


I only know what Daria is, but my sense is it was earlier! And good!


i should clarify that fear wasn’t a cartoon, but a game show.

but downtown is a great cartoon that only lasted one season and you should totally seek out (it’s never getting an official release, of course)


the guys who worked on Downtown (and Megas XLR in case you didn’t know) will legit send you the whole show if you write 'em


It was just this year that I linked Downtown and Megas XLR together and my little mind were blown

Anyway Megas XLR was great in a context of early 2000’s where videogames and anime didn’t exist outside of their bubbles, but in the post-internet mashup, post gaming-convention-tee, post-Cards Against Humanity world it has no place.


isn’t disney’s motorcity part of the downtown/megas extended universe


I think it could still work but would probably have to be an adult swim show, need tighter writing/pacing for jokes and be a subtle middle finger to nerds or be pop team epic level deep cuts that can get by on the weirdness of it.


it’s not in the spirit of this thread, but a live action megas xlr that marketed itself (accurately or not) as “power rangers meets my name is earl” would probably be a hit


thanks for reminding me that motorcity was awesome


Now that I think about it, Megas kind of already gave nerds the finger by turning all sort of sacred icons into trivial jokes or misdirections so really it’d just have to lean into that.


DDR mech controls was pretty good. I think the nanomachines episode was probably my favorite with the good recurring pesky villain gag.


there was a short little while there in the early '10s where there where there were just suddenly a lot of big budget kids shows like robotomy and symbonic titan and tron uprising and motorcity and i guess nobody could afford that


Seems like every other Cal Arts generation tries their hand at “Animation for teens…in America!” and it always ends in tears


did Robotomy even air on CN proper? I only ever saw it on Netflix

I know Problem Solverz got on air so it’s confusing that there wasn’t any sign of Robotomy


i only watched robotomy on tv


I remember catching adverts for it and maybe seeing and ep or two on the air but I also mostly consumed it on netflix.