Oh yeah I forgot this was Emile Hirsch and not Wes Bentley. Both of them kind of disappeared for a long time recently, the latter is because of drugs I think and the former is because of aggravated assault. He was convicted of it (but didn’t go to jail because being famous owns I guess)


He was convicted but the sentence was a wrist slap compared to the crime

If it’s any consolation, he hasn’t been able to revive his career to any large degree


In cases like this I just think very intensely about the hundreds of not terrible people involved in making a movie.

I won’t judge if anyone can’t do that, though.


game recognizes game


I’m glad I’m not the only one who cries at The Big Scenes Where They Make It Happen.

Hell, even the school concert scenes in Haruhi and K-On get me every time.

But nothing compares to episode six of Gunbuster (and, by extension, Diebuster). Holy shit.


I thought about the last sentence of this post for five seconds and am tearing up already.


Watching Diebuster I thought “there’s no way they’re gonna get me this time. No way.”

And then they did, in a way I should have seen coming, and it hit just as hard as it ever did.

Gotta wonder if Top wo Nerae 3 is gonna pull it off a third time.


tell me, did the last song in the movie destroy your soul


In short - not as bad as “Welcome Back” in Gunbuster did, but yeah absolutely.


Diebuster chokes me up every time. All the fanservice is annoying, but that aside, it’s easily my favorite anime of all time.

Had no idea they were even making a Top wo Nerae 3 so, that’s amazing news.


Yeah, I had no idea until I poked around with all the NGE on Netflix stuff the other day.

Guess it’s been nearly 30 years!

Other fun anime scenes that made me weep and I can’t really explain:

  1. That scene where Shikamaru manages to capture Temari with his shadow in the Chuunin Tournament
  2. Not a cartoon but may as well be - that scene in Pacific Rim that pans backwards to show Gypsy Danger dragging a huge fucking boat behind it, then raising it up to use it as a sword. I saw it with a friend and had a tough time explaining why I was weeping when I saw that.


You wouldn’t be human if you didn’t shed tears when Gypsy Danger clocked that acid-vomiting space dragon over the head with an oil tanker


i didn’t cry during this one but since i was a huge shikamaru fanboy at the time i sure was twitching on my chair and maybe-screaming while watching the garbage .rmvb on real media player


It was definitely one of those “guh bwuh…badass…” things for me.

The “scrappy dude everyone wrote off pulls it off” always gets me.


I talk about this one a lot but the last Movie Spectacle that legit choked me up was the transit of Mercury in Sunshine


Man, that movie can choke me up something fierce. that part and Kaneda’s death? Just right there.


this whole movie looks like a ps2 era cutscene


I was not expecting something this accidentally weird


Why have I not seen Ga’hoole yet


god years ago there was a sketch online about a bunch of ga’hoole heads who were sleeping outside the theater star wars style chanting “OWL MOVIE! OWL MOVIE! OWL MOVIE!” and me and my brother still say that to each other