critics in 1998: oh, yeah, Matrix is totally cribbing from anime and stuff

Wachowskis: hold my beer

critics in 2008: what the hell is this nonsense


Given how many old fart critics get all weepy and “they don’t make cartoons like they used to,” I’m surprised more didn’t at least have some of nostalgia for the original run of the show in seeing this.

But that’s me over here assuming 1) old fart critics weren’t already old and farty in the 60s and 2) Speed Racer didn’t give off weird anime vibes in its heyday.


i’m pretty sure i cried watching the last race in the movie


if you don’t fucking cheer when Speed goes checkerboard at the end of the Grand Prix you have no soul and we cannot be friends


I usually cry at the apotheosis of speed and motion and the motion picture after he restarts his car and montage-laps everyone just so he can recreate the end of 2001: A Space Odyssey


How much does Redline owe to this movie is what I wonder


This pushed me over the edge. I’m gonna watch before the month is out.


Redline was rather infamously mired in production hell (7 years hand drawn and all the good memes) so odds are it it was probably deep into pre- or actual production by the time SR came out


That’s even crazier though, a real Armageddon + Deep Impact / Volanco + Dante’s Peak situation


Matthew Fox as Racer X is a real JK Simmons as J. Jonah Jameson or Christopher Reeve as Superman moment where it’s like…oh this is the exact cartoon weirdo they were born to play.


Speed Racer the cartoon is super Anime, but was aesthetically designed to look like it was set in america.

It’s legit good. I highly recommend it.


It’s been ages since I’ve watched it, but I’ve had the Bluray set sitting around for a while.

If only Funimation would sell Mach Go Go Go without having to buy a $250 disembodied screaming Speed Racer head.


I’ve never seen it sober but this, absolutely.

I love that little bit with the cackling American GIs with dollar-sign eyes. Such a good 1960’s anime touch.


Can’t stop thinking about Pops grabbing that ninja and the camera zooming in real close on his Greco Roman Championship ring.


Ninjas? More like Nonjas! Pfeh.


have we talked about how kind of insane the soundtrack is


Speed Racer is very good but I haven’t watched it since the lead choked that lady at Sundance I’m afraid my mileage might vary with this baggage


That’s it, now you’ve all convinced me I have to finally watch thi…

cursor slowly backs away from Add To Cart button




I’m sorry

I fucked up again