Planet With was really rad.

SSSSS.Gridman is the real shit that I need and love. (There were a few too many fanservice shots in the field trip episode tho)


I am also loving Gridman but I’m starting to get a little hangry for some plot now. I’m ready for some people to sit down and ask the burning questions instead of just running with it like they would in a toku show.

Only barely remembering the US localization from seeing it on the air as a kid and seeing an ep or two of the original on TOKU the reveal of data city in the sky is pretty much painting the picture that it’s going for a computer simulation kind of thing.


Oh hey I guess I will be watching Evangelion for the first time thanks to Netflix. And likely a whole new generation of people as well. Robin Williams liked it so that’s good enough for me.

Strap in!


i couldn’t even remember all the elaborate plot twists and characters arcs young justice went through in the 3 years it took them to air season 1 wonder how much a six year break will do lol


So, yeah, this site (from the DuckTales thread) has She-Ra 2018 on it. And halfway in, it’s… well, it starts very well. The first three episodes are great. Then it kind of stumbles into episodic MotW business, which is often fun but kind of just there. But the story-progress episodes are good again.

It’s just generally got a great spirit. Nice dialogue, well performed. The character relationships are the best part.

Reminds me a lot of Avatar. Which is probably what they were going for.


I will probably watch She Ra once the final season of Voltron is done, which is like three weeks away.


It’s nowhere nearly as queer as the thinkpieces would lead one to expect. Or as the most basic shoujo anime, even. But it does have Stevonnie, I guess.

Finished in a sitting while working. Not blown over by the places it goes, but it’s a promising show that has heart and all the right ideas. Thirteen episodes don’t feel like enough to explore the potential, and even there it spends half of them on structurally less critical side jaunts.

Most of the pokemon princesses they collect are pretty one-note and inconsequential as characters, but this does amplify the dynamics of the core cast in some satisfying ways. The one secondary character with a whole 2D personality provides one of the more interesting (if typically under-developed) plot twists, anyway.

Kinda wish it cashed in more on its stakes. Nobody ever seems to lose much, except emotionally. Which itself is usually an instant trade-up.



Probably overstated take:
SSSS.Gridman is so consistently well-directed and -storyboarded that it makes a lot of other series that are, truthfully, quite well made look kinda hacky.


What a peculiar show. I hadn’t heard of it until now.

The first episode is pretty interesting.


Even the lunch lady?



i mean so far it’s just sam, sydney, tanker, lucky, and amp but we’ll see


I always forget that Castle of Cagliostro is a very singular exception to the Lupin movie canon, but goddamn Legend of the Gold of Babylon is a weird flick so far.


there’s no real need for it to be animated but mike judge’s tales from the tour bus is just a really fun documentary series/cartoon thing


Look, it’s not a cartoon, but.

I watched Speed Racer, and it’s wild to see just how disorienting cartoon-style motion and cuts are applied to real people.

That said, I’m glad it came at the perfect time where John Goodman could be cast as Pops Racer. Don’t think they could have done better than that.


It’s generally very weird to think that they were given a tremendous amount of money to make a movie that very accurately captures the spirit of the show Speed Racer which…

I mean it “sorta” makes sense in the context of the wild success of Michael Bay’s Transformers (an even longer and more expensive movie). Like some WB exec said “we need some of that anime cash” but

I imagine a terrible alternate universe version of 2008’s Speed Racer where like Ashton Kutcher is Speed and the movie has perfectly linear and digestible storytelling and it’s basically just Tokyo Drift with Magic Super Cars and it’s wildly successful

Anyway we’re lucky we got the weirder one


It’s so god damn good


I thought we were in agreement that Speed Racer was the best video game movie


Speed Racer is somehow a perfect adaption of the cartoon, a perfect video game movie, the best fictional depiction of being ADHD/Autistic I have ever seen in my life, and lays out the anti-capitalist thesis of the Matrix movies better than the Matrix movies.