Hey there’s a Devil May Cry series coming from the Castlevania producer…


Dunno about the anime specifically having only read some of the manga and finding that plenty, but it’s not really all that ultraviolent. It’s mainly the rapey bits I think that got the uproar going and even those peter off pretty quick, so I guess they did the job as an attention grabber/shock value thing.

Otherwise it’s nothing particularly special, the main reason to stick with Goblin Slayer is for Goblin Slayer himself, how much you like it will depend heavily on how much you enjoy watching this obsessed loon practically going about his Goblin killing business.


And hiw much you enjoy watching wizardry/DnD style adventures play out instead of playing them. Full disclosure: i kinda like that.


u got really depressed and started watching it


In the anime they played up the horrible shit for cheap shock value

Not like the manga does it with more tact all the bad shits pretty tasteless and lazy there, but most of the animes first episode sells it like it’s gonna be just a fantasy show and then BAM


h’far y’get?


s1 ep 15


You should watch the next episode




Buddy have I got a podcast for you


Castlevania second season is good. Trevor finally wakes up and becomes a Belmont, excellent chemistry with the protagonists, Carmilla shows up and is rude, familiar motifs and monsters, etc.


Wow, early days. What was the tipping point?

(Also, everything okay, man?)


i got curious about friendship


SSSS Gridman referencing every American version character and vehicle from Superhuman Samurai Syber Squad never ceases to be weird


ep 27 now


You should watch the next episode


the old reverse psychology trick, devious

it wont work on me, ep 30 now


i want to watch this cartoon


Yeah. I lost my Netflix subscription years ago. Was using my brother-in-law’s until, um… you know. Don’t feel right about using that anymore.

I bet I can torrent this, but somehow that seems like further than I want to go?

There’s also that other new cartoon that everyone says is the most amazing thing. Hilda, was it?


Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I watched a few episodes tonight with my GF and had fun and will watch the rest of the episodes for sure. We share her moms account, which is nice, and hopefully you can find a way to watch it. I definitely can recommend to pretty much anybody.