the netflix castlevania show is really good right? i have only watched the first three episodes. but i’m kind of digging it.

too many exposed guts for my taste, but whatever


SB opinion was split iirc, but I thought it was pretty fun. Excited to watch Season 2 with Marina


I hated castlevania s1, I thought it was tedious man angst the tv show; casually misogynist and badly animated


The violence put me right off and I’ve no interest to continue, but is sounds like they’re doing a splendid job with adapting the game continuity.


finished up hunter x hunter '99 and i’m wondering if i should watch 2011 or not. also ended up accidentally binging my hero academia. i watched all 3 seasons in two days and wound up not sleeping because i couldn’t stop. i expected to hate it but was pleasantly surprised. still not sure if either show lived up to all the hype but it helped me get out of a ’ i can’t watch anything ’ slump, i guess


Yeah it owns and s2 is even better


I liked Castlevania, but then I watched Devilman and decided that there are much better uses for gratuitous gore.


This is fair … Trevor is kind of an ass but the whole thing feels very much like an “old school late night grim anime” pastiche, for better or worse. The worse is all the things you mentioned

I’m a sucker for medieval grime, as are you, but I think your standards are higher


Speaking of netflix anime, Aggretsuko season 2 got announced which is unsurprising but still good.


you could just watch the 2011 version from the point after the 1999 one ended (maybe that’s what you meant?) you’ll miss certain “manga-canon” details and touches but nothing important


i agree with @u_u that castlevania totally has the “manga video beer and curry” feel to it, but i haven’t watched season 2 yet

in contrast, i watched an episode of rpg densetsu hepoi the other day, which is from 1991 and has the “6am cartoon” feel.


I finished Castlevania season two today. While my memory of season one is hazy, I believe it is an overall improvement. I forgot how slowly the story moves though. Main gender theme seemed to be man-childism for whatever that is worth.


yeah, i was thinking of skipping ahead because starting completely over seemed like it would be a drag.


i only watched some sorted episodes but i’ve heard the anime’s quality is very consistent till the end. in the case of these longer stories i always prefer reading the manga because it’s quicker so uuuh i don’t know how the episodes actually flow though.

can tell for sure that even if yorkshin is my second-favorite arc (my favorite being the current one), greed island and chimera ant are soooo cool as well


Guess what’s getting animated.


Lizard Boobie Biters?


I dunno how they’re gonna do this justice in motion but


look i have to come clean

this last week has been a wild ride and basically the end point is i’m sorry if i said a bad word about steven universe


Is that usually what happens when you have an off week?


I guess this is the thread to ask this: I keep hearing about the ultra violent Goblin Slayer - is it any good if you like tasteless, ultra violent stuff?