Woah shit, that rules! Prompted me to look up what Del’s been up to lately and apparently there’s a new Deltron album on the way. I thought Event II was pretty decent, though not a straight-up classic like the debut. I’m looking forward to seeing what they come up with.


Almost up to date on My Hero Academia. I’m enjoying it. It is enjoyable ganbare shonen bullshit with fun characters, sweet moments, and some really neat animation.


  1. Why are they all cops.
  1. Mineta makes me genuinely embarrassed to watch this show. I hate this shit.


In my eyes, Mineta deserves to exist so Tsu can smack him with her tongue. I’m probably to anime poisoned but I love him because everyone hates him. I love to hate him.


i read volume 15 the other day, and mineta just seems to have fallen off the face of the world



I binged Hilda on Netflix. It was pretty good, and the animation was really smooth and gorgeous! I dunno how to praise anything but I really dug it!


laffin at the fact that ok ko has a crossover with the 1988 tv movie scooby doo ghoul school just because they can


goddammit no

not like this


:scream: WHAT


garnet is just reflexively a supportive mom to KO


For a second I thought Ben 10 was one of the many callbacks to cancelled cartoons that this show had.

Nope, it’s STILL ON THE AIR.


the ok ko crossover had the most insane list of random cartoon network characters onscreen i.m. weasel, puffy animyumi, robot jones, symbionic titan, regular show, secret mountain fort awsome, finn and jake, the problem solverz, ed edd and eddy, over the garden wall, we bear bears, robotomy, the goddamn moxy show good grief


And it was set in the city from those old bumpers

just a wonderful ongoing love letter to 90s/00s cartoons, this showww



I’m… I don’t really know much about the show, but I was under the impression that it had just recently been rebooted?


It’s possible the cg could be worse but the character sketches during the credits of every episode are an insulting reminder of what this show could have looked like if it had been animated properly.

I think it’s trying a bit too hard to be another last airbender but after the first three episodes I’m at least interested enough to continue. Wasn’t a big fan of the part where the writers basically gave up and abruptly decided welp it’s been about 3 episodes, time to send the kids off on a journey alone because that is the plot of this show


tweet thread from Ian Jones-Quartey about the OK KO crossover special! It’s interesting stuff! (the bit where they had to use the wayback machine to look up I.M. Weasel’s mouth chart is pretty wild)


I saw that! Simon Carless must be pretty pleased.


that harvey birdman special is already streaming if you want to watch it

also new 12 oz mouse for no reason!



getting all these juicy flashbacks to ~serious cartoon people~ hating 12 oz mouse

and now it’s going to outlive their hate



It was nice to revisit the insanity that is Harvey Bidrman again even if it felt a bit to dense. Rapid fire gags and punchlines have always been the usual mode of operations but here it kinda felt like a checklist to parody all the keywords and topics that happened in last political cycle. I thought this was gonna be the start of a new batch of episodes but sounds like this was just a one off. Oh well, it was a nice reunion.