god lupin today jigen mercing dozens of cops and military alone with nothing but an old car full of guns. hiding out under castle of cagliostro. i wish i had faith that lupin’s wikileaks play would actually work irl lol. what a wild season.






okay, I need to get thoughts out about Bojack season 5 before I either sober up or while it’s fresh in my mind

I know the show has flirted with the themes before, thanks to the writing staff and the presence of Diane, but this is firmly a set of episodes that is post #MeToo, where all of Bojack’s skeletons come out to haunt him (rightly so) and is better for it precisely because the show isn’t putting the events of the past seasons into a vacuum but are actually holding Bojack accountable (which is about as far as I can go without getting actually really spoiler-y). I don’t think it’s highs (and Bojack’s lows) were as great as previous seasons but with all of the false starts of the past 3 seasons, the finale feels like an actual step forward

I like it


Woah spoilers



it really feels like the component parts of Avatar were split into Voltron and The Dragon Prince which i guess is literally true to a degree

The Dragon Prince is really more straight up The Last Airbender 2 tho

Shame it looks like it’s running at 15 fps and not in a fun claymation kinda way like Into the Spider-Verse


Planet With is a show that shouldn’t be slept on. It lacks a strong hook but has a lot going on under the hood so to speak. It’s not even the last episode but managed to create a moment that was the antithesis of End of Eva’s ending.


I kinda don’t even know how to describe Planet With except like, after a certain point, EVERY SINGLE EPISODE has the incredibly thrilling and satisfying artistic flourish and emotional stakes that other robot/superhero shows would save for a finale

It’s intense


I feel it went a little to fast at some parts and only felt as impacting as you personally bought into it. Kinda felt like if you weren’t into it it’d feel very rote or cliched.


So I’m a little confused with how Magi the anime is supposed to be. It features a little boy as its main protagonist but the first episode shows him as an ‘innocent lecher’ in a brothel. There’s a monster that appears later on has tentacles that don’t quite go into the expected ‘this is mature territory’ with a couple women that fall into it. People get stabbed and bleed but don’t directly die from it. It all points to them toeing the line but maintaining the TV-14 rating.

Then out of the literal blue some episodes later a djinni appears in full on giant form, boobs with nipples in full display. There’s nothing blocking them or fuzzed out, just a couple of ring piercings. I thought this was completely out of the question for America’s watchdogs!

I haven’t been overly impressed by Magi (more inclined to try mapping the different cultures to real world ones) but I needed something to watch that’s less than half an hour long.


In a way, it’s trying to be pre-Z Dragon Ball, which also had all those things that befuddle you. The watchdog reaction, I guess, depends on where it was aired. Like, if it’s something like crunchyroll instead of TV I guess they’d easily have overlooked it.


Tiny preview thumbnail made me think


Nope, Netflix! And it’s been on the streaming service since I signed up ~3 years ago, if my memory doesn’t fail me!


Netflix isn’t a TV network either, so it’s pretty easy for them to do that kind of thing.




‪I miss the weirdly thick outlines in Attack on Titan. ‬


Saw the My Hero movie last night. It’s pretty nice to have a glimpse of Young Might in America. Fairly standard JUMP movie. Temporary power up that won’t be seen again, convenient reasons to have most the popular and a few under utilized characters all together, a very good animation action set piece for the climax. It’s made to be able to fit in to the proper canon but not affect it. I can’t wait till we get far enough to where we can start getting the experimental movies like the sixth One Piece movie.


Have people talked about The Dragon Prince yet? I watched the first two episodes and found the animation style to be less grating than I thought it was going to be. I wonder if the same will be true for Star Wars: Resistance, but that looks even more like a video game cut scene than this did so who’s to say.

As far as the show itself goes, I still can’t decide how I feel about it. Avatar is a super tough act to follow and it is weird to try to balance the things that are clearly lifted from that series against what is new. I think it’s probably best to try to avoid comparing it, but when the show opens with “These are the six sources of magic… which are totally different from the four elements” and then the title card with BOOK 1: Moon comes up… it’s really hard to keep Avatar out of your mind.

Anyway, I guess after two episodes I find it pretty enough to look at to keep watching. I’m curious to see where it goes, and glad that they didn’t prolong the confirmation of the extremely heavily telegraphed dragon egg not actually being destroyed after all until later than the end of the second episode. I mean the show is called The Dragon Prince. It’s weird that they even attempted to keep that a secret from the beginning.


craig of the creek just straight up has a deltron 3030 episode