This reminds me how much I wanted Korgoth of Barbaria to get picked up back in the day.


Catching up on She-Ra and oh my god is there some great Entrapta and Scropia this season. Episode 5 of S2, “White Out”, is everything I love about this show compressed into one single ep. Tons of Entrapta, Scropia trying to ask out Cattra, Sea Hawk desperately asking everyone if he’s cool, Adora drunk on evil corruption juice, everything. It’s delightful.


heard that a very special scene from jojo’s bizarre adventure will appear in this week’s episode so i decided to watch the last few episodes, specially for the doppio vs risotto fight (the best in the entire series by far). the animation and overall art-direction are so good??? they even kept most of the gore, although in the form of more static shots.