This reminds me how much I wanted Korgoth of Barbaria to get picked up back in the day.


Catching up on She-Ra and oh my god is there some great Entrapta and Scropia this season. Episode 5 of S2, “White Out”, is everything I love about this show compressed into one single ep. Tons of Entrapta, Scropia trying to ask out Cattra, Sea Hawk desperately asking everyone if he’s cool, Adora drunk on evil corruption juice, everything. It’s delightful.

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heard that a very special scene from jojo’s bizarre adventure will appear in this week’s episode so i decided to watch the last few episodes, specially for the doppio vs risotto fight (the best in the entire series by far). the animation and overall art-direction are so good??? they even kept most of the gore, although in the form of more static shots.

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Still devastates me that the Full Metal Panic franchise found exactly what it was supposed to be when they did Fumoffu, then did a single season before veering horribly into generic mecha shlock.

Wanted to drop in the one good bit from the latest season, which lasted about three eps before they returned to the status quo and you never saw any of these awesome robot variants again:

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Home Movies


i’m halfway through Lain and wow

really doesn’t fuck around after like layer 03 hey

been chatting about this with @Tulpa on twitter but i like how well it depicts dissociation

like the blotchy colours in the shadows! inspired!


i’m only a couple episodes in but sarazanmai has been really interesting and visually wonderful so far. i am reflexively v. cautious about the idea of a comedy anime tackling sexuality & gender stuff but ikuhara directing it made me give it a chance. i am a little worried it’s going to turn into “what if phones, but too much” & i’m still anxious about how it’s going to handle the (possibly trans?) protagonist but so far i’m loving it.

also, directly referencing the utena sword pull when you’re the director of utena is a real power move


This one character is straight up just Ryoko from Tenchi Muyo right down to the one pointy tooth


beavis and butthead extended universe


I take it that this is what became of the “Daria and Jodie” reboot that always sounded like an iffy idea?


Love Ross so that’s cool.

More than any other cartoon remake/reboot, I really, really wanna see some continuity in style in this one for some reason (I never actually watched that much Daria but I’ve always thought it to be one of the most appealingly designed of the 90s toon boom).


it’s not the first ever? what was the previous one?


assuming they mean “hey monie” from the dr. katz/home movies folks?!

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I know I’ve gushed about this a lot but I’m still absolutely obsessed with Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Every new episode is a great, fun, wonderful cartoon-ass cartoon.

The dialogue alone gets a genuine laugh out of me every ep. It’s such a well-written, well-acted show.

Also jumping into DC Super Hero Girls, which is Lauren Faust’s latest. It’s really great - again, very cartoony, very energetic, very unashamed to be weird and goofy. I love how they’ve done each of the main cast members - Barbara is like an ADD-riddled well of barely-contained energy, Wonder Woman is like an alien now that she’s grown up on an island of amazonians, Supergirl is pretty much a tomboy Power Girl, Zantanna is a hoighty rich girl, etc.

Kinda wish they were longer, but, it does allow for Rocko’s Modern Life-y storylines to not wear out their welcome.

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Y’all, in 2021 Yuasa Masaaki will direct a film called “Inu-oh” with character designs by (Ping Pong/Tekkonkinkreet/Sunny) Matsumoto Taiyo and it’s based on a novel by Furukawa Hideo (an author I love who wrote Horses, Horses, in the End the Light Remains Pure) which itself draws from Heike Monogatari (the tale of the Heike). It is about noh and may also be a noh musical according to some reports I’ve seen in English (but not in Japanese yet)?

This is it. This is a film made for exactly me.

EDIT: adding image


I just watched Tuca and Bertie, I’m about to watch the finale.

What a great cartoon.


watched this in the middle of a fight with my best friend and it was harrowing

(i’m the Tuca in the relationship)

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It is my solemn duty to inform you as someone dating a Nickelodeon employee that it hasn’t been renewed for a third season




Sarazanmai was really wonderful and I’m tempted to watch it again already.