Fiance and I are rewatching Adventure Time and the early episodes, at least, really do slapstick pretty well! Those parts hold up. Some of the writing, less so. Probably after this, I’ll never watch the show again and I’ll just let it gel into something I remember fondly but don’t think about much.


im doing a rewatch too and it’s pretty incredible how much better and funnier the show gets around season 3, especially given how already good and funny the preceding seasons are


hakumei and mikochi got all my favorites: no plot, at least 25% percent eating and getting drunk, boring discussions about city infrastructure. weird interconnected fraggle rock world. i shoulda watched/read this before


End of Mob Psycho 100 season 2 didn’t feel quite as satisfying to me as the first season’s finale (or even a lot of the episodes this season), but it was a good finale for now (I’m trusting there’s a third season on the way–and I read that an OVA is in the works already). Gorgeous animation and incredible direction, as always. MP100 has got to have some of the best… animation? Period? In the last couple decades?

I’ll be honest. I was kinda hoping for a tiny little One-storyboarded/animated vignette like season one ended with after the credits rolled.

I love Mob so much. I haven’t read the manga, so I have no idea where it goes from here, but this is definitely one of my favorite series in recent years.

Btw, the opening theme song for season 2 had subtitles that were like “Mob, can you feel your own frustration?” but didn’t it actually sound a whole lot more like “Mob, can you feel your masturbation?”


it literally took me all 12 episodes to finally hear fras-tur-a-tion


I tried. I really tried every episode.


why won’t anyone ever listen to me, I have so many great opin-



hakumei and mikochi the manga is super good, too. I’m on your side notbov, strange as it may seem


select button would like a manga produced by Enterbrain



I finally watched Love, Death and Robots

Some of that animation was really sumptuous. A lot of it was just Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within. Looking at you, the episode about werewolves.

Absolutely respect the amount of cartoon dong that was hung


These men are so good at their jobs


I can’t believe that castlevania is full of gore yet the most devastating scene to watch is the final one


I’m not exactly sure where Sarazanmai is going but I am eager to let it take me there.


I’m glad Ikuhara is taking the time to tell the world not to kink shame


oh shit how did i miss a new Ikuhara show?