And it is now, that I know everything I need to know


Super Robot Wars OG anime is ugly


Alright, LD+R tier list*


  • Zima Blue
  • Good Hunting
  • Secret War (though be warned, this is another zerg episode)


  • Suits
  • Sonnie’s Edge
  • Fish Night
  • Lucky 13
  • Beyond the Aquila Rift


  • When The Yogurt Took Over
  • Sucker of Souls
  • Helping Hand
  • The Witness


  • Three Robots
  • The Dump
  • Ice Age
  • Shape-Shifters
  • Blindspot
  • Alternate Histories

(*Subjective, prone to bias, yadda yadda)


this is exactly and perfectly what Netflix would do and I hate it.

They used to (or still do) change the thumbnails of movies based on what race they think you are.


You can login on different computers and watch it do that, it feels like a carnival barker trying desperately to get my attention. I don’t think there’s a UI design I’ve ever disliked more than Netflix

who knew Punch the Monkey would form the theoretical design basis of the most popular media service in 2019


my personal love death robots rankings (story ranking not animation ranking)

fish night
zima blue

pretty good
helping hand

almost good
beyond the aquila rift
good hunting

pretty solid video game cutscenes if you don’t think about it
lucky 13
secret war

eh, whatever
sucker of souls

ice age

medium cute
when the yogurt took over

not cute enough
three robots

corny edgelord shit
sonnie’s edge
the witness (cool animation style)
alternate histories
the dump

what? why?
shape shifters


actually these two would be kinda fun if there was no dialogue


I started watching gen:LOCK because Waypoint talked about it it has both gun-holding and gun-mounted mechs. I’m floored at how interesting the sci-fi philosophy is. 2nd episode spoiler: the protagonist gets severely disabled in battle and is used as a candidate for the experimental remote mech pilot program while he’s in a bacta tank not dissimilar to Source Code or Southland Tales. They call it a “decanted mind.” Squarely my shit to an upsetting degree.

I wonder if RWBY is good? When I pulled up Rooster Teeth in my memory I had this and Red vs Blue. Good on Michael B. Jordan for EP’ing it with what I assume is his black vegeta money.

Plus it has a colon in the title. It’s not a semicolon, though, sorry @Rudie.


rwby is alright, it’s what you think of as far as generic shonen style plot goes. The animation gets better the later it goes on, and it usually runs at a decent frame rate


Do you like fight animations? Because that’s what RWBY is good at, which makes sense considering how Monty Oum started. Everything else is fairly mediocre.




fun fact: June 21st is the last day of spring


can’t wait for the renaissance of Neon Genesis Evangelion hentai this is going to spawn, those were the days


while I appreciate Hi-Score Girl as a cool comic, god it just works so much better as an animated product. a lot of that has to do with the fact that they cared enough about getting game footage that the whole show is CG and 30 fps so everything looks as it should (for the most part); the little bit of awkward looking model work and animation is more than made up over the loving inclusion of (fucking scanlined where appropriate!) gameplay. The OVA/bonus episodes seem cool and I’m glad they’re getting another whole season to finish up the comic even though Netflix will Netflix and it won’t be out until New Years again


First season actually got fansubbed though because of Netflix release shit so that might happen again.


I’m heartened by the fact if a no-hype show like ID-0 could get fansubs, anything will

Much like how the base assumption is that I’ll have to grab fansubs for anything Symphogear


justice league vs the fatal five feels much closer to being part of the dcau proper than batman vs. harley quinn. they should probably just let this old universe go to sleep tho


the pop team epic special is good (it’s two episodes) but they really did 4 different sets of voice actors instead of the usual 2 lol

adult swim making six hour long episodes of the machu picchu tennis anime thing just for aprils fools is like the perfect hair forever gag except they just released a whole season of tv in one night


i was wrong the pop team epic thing has 8 sets of voice actors per episode and two episodes


I don’t think I’ve seen audience-despising this beautiful since Metal Gear Solid 2 well 4 is an even better troll