can't stop listening to TLOP


any other kanye type folks out there


Yes indeed.


I think rap genius annotations that explicitly detail who contributed every word and every note to every Kanye song on every Kanye album would be enlightening to world culture.

Haven’t heard the new record yet, can you still not buy it forever? Yeezus real solid real good love it. Graduation the only one I think is lackluster? I mean I guess there is filler stuff on all rap records, what is/who will make the first perfect front to back rap album?


yeah i can’t stop either

there is an incredible sound around every corner


is anyone actually listening to it on Tidal


I am looking forward to the next one


he just tweeted that he’s calling his next album turbo grafx 16


Came here to post this.

Sorry everyone, Kanye is the best. You can’t be a true geek and not love Kanye.


but will they call it PC Engine in Japan?


i’m listening to this right now and i’m amazed at how much i totally love it

Kanye is the Kojima of a Certain Kind of Rap

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p.s., has anyone seen this


This is cool, I haven’t actually listened to all of TLOP front to end (because I can’t figure out how lol) but I like this cut.

It sounds like a really nice morning album, like something to listen to while you drink coffee and smoke w yr buds

also FourFiveSeconds is a seriously amazing song, and is both the best thing Rihanna has ever done and the best thing Paul McCartney has been associated with this century

the video is beautiful too

the whole song is kind of like what an alternate universe where rap-country was actually a good idea would sound like. country not musically, but lyrically. it’s beautiful.


I have no idea which version of Wolves is the real one anymore, I hope it is the Sia one.


i am! i accidentally paid for the student subscription because i’m bad at parsing websites with free trials.


For the past two days, I haven’t been able to do anything as often or as intensely as I have been able to think about the way Rihanna sings the word “reckless” in this song



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new version of Wolves on tidal – added drums and adlibs and some other stuff

honestly i liked the old version, thought it was the best song on the album. new version doesn’t seem to cohere nearly as well – throwing more shit at the wall basically


Kanye posted nine tweets in a row of a Scott Adams video that he recorded off of his phone viewing his laptop.


a long time ago i committed to being on board for Kanye’s nonsense no matter what, just because it felt like his eccentricity was treated as somehow more dangerous than that of other (white) celebs

but shit do I feel like Job right now


im off the kanye defending tip nowadays. trump broke his brain