Cania's After School Anime Club!!! Tuesdays at 4 PM Central

I’ve been wanting to watch the foundational (to American Kids My Age) anime for a very long time, but I’ve only recently found myself with a solid two hour block in which to do this, and instead of keeping this to myself I want to share it with everyone!!!

Here’s the lineup, starting on Tuesday, 2020-09-15T21:00:00Z:

  • Sailor Moon (dubs)
  • Cowboy Bebop (dubs)
  • Nichijou (subs)
  • Hellsing (subs)
  • Urusei Yatsura (subs)

That’s…about 2 hours of anime. I have not done the math. I’ll be doing this every week until…until I stop…Whenever that is!!

Anyway, join me in my journey of watching all the anime I wasn’t allowed to as a kid because my dad thought it would turn me gay!!! See you then!!!


oh and once Hellsing is done, we’re moving on to some Dirty Pair because I’m excited for it and @AutomaticTiger also is. heck yes.

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Reminder: This is happening today at 9:00:00 PM! I’m real excited about it

School’s out and we’re watching Sailor Moon, baby