bulletin witch

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this feels almost heretical


is it too much to ever expect a mod of SNES starfox that ups the resolution and framerate to 60fps

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overclocking the Super FX chip by like 400% is already possible but I don’t think it gets you that far

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I want to see how that thing handles the title screen to Mohawk and Headphone Jack.


hey I’ll take 15 over 7

the real trip is doing a Star Fox run, then ducking into Virtua Racing’s 30FPS to see what was contemporaneous, and then Daytona and getting a blast of 60FPS mega-3D from those duct-taped flight sim boards


hey friend

let me tell you about the SVP


Was only mentioned in an investor’s meeting but a new Metal Slug game is apparently in development at SNK


Not a whole lot to chew on here, but at least it’ll be backwards compatible.


I wonder if rockstar will put out more than one videogame next generation

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Could they make PS5 VR Rockstar Presents Table Tennis is what I want to know


Guess this is the new, cocaine-free guy.


is it possible to integrate this into videogames?

also that won’t improve responsiveness of the controls which would be half the point


unless you mean s’il vous plait, in which case yes I agree it’s better to ask politely for these things


Not much different on this less technical read but the talk of speed is big


Man, I’m sure there are technical reasons that are beyond me that make this unfeasible, but if there were backward compatability/software emulation for literally any of the other previous PS systems I would be so fucken hype.

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The article mentions it will at least be BC for the PS4, so there is that.


Oh, yes, which is good. I just want PS/1/2/3/P/Vita support as well. Not necessarily all of them. Some of them. (Ideally PS2 or 3). That’d be a dream.


Given how rickety PS3s are, I’d hope they’d support that.

But knowing they’ll probably keep trying to sell folks on PS Now, well :confused:


Oh shit, I forgot PS Now has games from other generations on it. Goddammit. Of course.

tbh, thing I want most is to be able to play the PS2 classics I bought on PS3 on a more contemporary machine

and really my PS3 is gonna die in a couple years and I just want all my shit