bulletin witch


yeah it’s fucked up

and it feels like half the ones i want to play are literally 500 hours long

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I hope it was a real short critical career, for their sake


Frothing intensifies

Mixed with a bit of worry these levels will be too hard for me


“frothing, yet concerned” is pretty much my dog’s default emotion


woah, that new art is uh… real fucking bad


This coming off the Dreamcast releases.


HardOff and BookOff are seperate companies.


Rudie, I think I speak for all the people who build small plastic robots on the forum when I ask: is hobby off the magical place I want it to be?


Travis Strikes Again is coming to PS4 and Steam???

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HobbyOff is usually paired with OffHouse. OffHouse is used clothes and furniture and housewares. HobbyOff is gundams and anime CDs and yugioh cards and video games.

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Shocking lack of conversation about LIQUOR OFF here.

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I hardly know 'er

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2 Her 2 Story


I see that hyper Light Drifter and Mutant Year Zero are the free Epic Game Store games of the week.

I know some people here mentioned Mutant Year Zero before release, but did anyone ever actually play it?

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@shrug did


Mutant Year Zero is slight and charming and feels like a stealth-focused (you move through the map in real time and encounter/engage enemies on the same; you can/often need to carefully position and choose how and when you finally engage enemies and flip the switch to turns) low-budget X-com that almost never fucks you completely via RNG.

I did stop playing around the time they introduce a ton of mind-control units and the 3-unit limit feels kinda arbitrary as your roster grows? Overall I liked what I played! Will return some day!

You can teach your boar man how to eat a whole fresh body to refill his life bar.


It’s as if they somehow did a good job implementing nu-XCOM but also purposefully made it low-stress. I found it pleasant but realized that after an afternoon I gained nothing from the experience, even the writing is just light pen & paper campaign and table read.


Totally thought Mutant Year Zero was an action RPG, but I guess I was really thinking about Biomutant? Similarly, all you people have been talking about Outer Wilds and I was thinking it was the Fallout-like Outer Worlds.


I did the same thing when it first went on super-sale

Outer Wilds/Worlds is something I can’t even type straight when I know what I want to say

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