bulletin witch (news thread)


There is only so much bitching about games as a service I can take in a given year






It’s not about Mississippi accents as much as him trying to hold onto his UK one while living there. It makes him say things in really weird ways, revealing that he pretty much plays it up for the videos.


Now this I can explain as they way Youtube does monitization that Youtube doesn’t think a 3 minute video is enough engagement and not worthy of the youtube money.


The razzies suckkkkkk


From some announcement Capcom is teasing on the Twitter



Capcom All-Stars Fighting Jam featuring Linn Kurosawa???


Looks like a CPS2 collection

Progear and Giga Wing get love too


remember when you couldn’t have a video over 10 minutes on youtube? sigh


Except he doesn’t monetize his videos


I’m the big idiot that will buy this.


if nothing else, i respect sterling for his tough stance on nazis: being close friends with one for several years, and only ending the relationship because the guy literally died


I like that he still does a podcast with the other half of the John Bain “toastkin” “”""“joke”""""


20 bucks is a pittance to tell Capcom that I am a dumb idiot who wants all the CPS2 shooters

I would be cool with never having to use my Dreamcast to play Mars Matrix (play Mars Matrix) again

I guess Progear getting a port is fine too


God damnit

Why do I keep this monkey paw around


this could be kind of cool if they get the build quality right?


fuck i shoulda scrolled before i potioned


200 Brexit pounds ain’t impulse buy money, sorry


I mean, unless they sell them direct (probably Digital River fulfillment, ugh), huge ass arcade sticks liked that are gonna be a pain in the ass for most retailers.

So I guess what I’m saying is - it’ll probably half off pretty quick?

Still though. Lemme play these on my Switch :frowning:


Now if they’re usable as a stick for modern games and have a bunch of classics built in, maybe I’d be down