bulletin witch (news thread)


I might still have an ipod touch somewhere in my coffers that has ziggurat on it. My best was somewhere in the 300s.


My best was 674 kills.
I still have a phone with Ziggurat.


i was in the top 5 for a while with 760 or so. best mobile game ever.


Wait, this?






When I first heard of this I thought it was a collection of every game and port M2 has worked on. Would probably be the best anthology ever.


dope as af


this…this game is…really good
so snappy so flappy

FGC##201Xrd Reload[st] - Now on Steam!

Coming to youtube May 19th.


Which is good but man if I am not considering spending 130 bucks on Garegga also.


Yagawa makes wonderful games.



I like that we are now getting retro revivals of 3D Sonic.


Sonic fans have reached the final frontier.


The work hour crunch stuff was known, but it sounds like the culture at Netherrealm is rotten as can be.

Wonder if this is why Ed Boon hasn’t posted on Twitter in a few days.


jesus that’s bad

I really wish so many people didn’t want to work in this industry so badly, it really hurts labour advocacy when there’s such a deep pipeline of vidcon devotees


Proving again the only people who should be allowed to make videogames are people who hate videogames


Gonna need you to livestream yourself finishing both Takeshi no Chousenjou and Desert Bus back to back, now