bulletin witch (news thread)


I guess this can be the news thread.

Mods can re-title this to whatever, I don’t care what the news thread is called!



uhh news for the news thread.



There’s an “8-Bit Game Dev” bundle on Humble that’s full of assets.

None of the visual assets are 8-bit. Pixel art maybe, but not 8-bit.

The News Grandmaster 4000

It’s all right, people aren’t gonna make actual 8-bit games with them either.


all it takes to be 8 bit art is to use a colorspace whose colors can be described by a single-byte address


I’m worried that this will miss the humour the way kickstarted Paranoia Boxset did (It went way too far in the direction of stupid slapstick and skipped out on the cynicism that made the parody so sharp in the best editions of Paranoia)


I added the unnecessary parenthetical to the thread title, FYI.


it was necessary, i would have ignored this thread because i don’t get Bullet Witch


i don’t have any concept of what a bullet witch is and didn’t realize that’s what it was referencing, i just chose it from the other thread because i’m a fan of witches.


oh dang this is exciting and i almost missed it because i clicked a link that dropped me onto the third post

i wanted to play this game


None of the assets really look like they’re using 8-bit colour spaces.


yeah, i really want to check it out again now that i know it’s out on PC (i completely missed that it was coming out/that it came out until i embarrassed myself more than usual in the games you’ve thought about thread), but i have to figure out how to clean out like, 40GB off of one of my drives. games are too goddamn big! i need to start collecting flash drives.

i’m mostly in it for the aesthetic, though. i’d love to see another game with more, i guess substance, set in that world.


witch… but with gun


Sayonara News Grandmas


bullet witch kicks ass


Except the PC Version crashes for me on the second level.

This is why I hate PC Games.


This game still exists and looks real good


oh yeah I remember the prototype that lead to this, it was super cool.


Like every time gary posts about this I’ve got to rep my friend who’s doing levels for this and is an excellent puzzle game level designer and I can vouch for these games: