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Everything I found was either a checklist of which sex utensils to bring to a date or notes for novels that make no sense and are terrible, especially out of context. My evernotes are way too personal for this thread


Of the event itself I’ve little to add to the existing discourse. Between Part & Mircea’s Small Unit Tactics of the Dwarves, Vol 7: Ambuscade Defense and the anonymous, salacious chapbook “Beneath a Carriage, Mewling” the occasion has been thoroughly litigated in sources available to even the most backwater bumpkin who stumbles across the words I write here.

placenta is the slag from the ore that was smelted in the gestation of baby dwarf; there was a history of weighing placenta vs. the finished product, thankfully lost

caul is the cap that guards the infant’s thoughts and augurs a particularly wise child


I just remembered that Command and Conquer Red Alert made me obsessed with the Hammer and Sickle flag from an early age. The copy of the game I had came with a little hammer n sickle pin, even. In Mario Kart DS you could draw your own banner, so I made mine a hammer and sickle. My wife hated it.

Very telling about my current politics, really.


Pap schmear

Warning: biologically gross


I laughed


There’s a very melodramatic note on my flip phone from when I worked at a balloon factory:

If I die, smash my computer and burn my hard drive. Bury me in the woods. I do not want a funeral. What the earth has given to make me, I want to give back to the earth. To be misremembered is worse than to be forgotten.

The next one says:

lmao whoever wrote that last note needs to chill out


Of course I’ve got that BAE:



I truly appreciate you Clint


more like Hotline Miasma


Spelling error prompts:

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