Brain garbage, yes, it's garbage. that's fine. garbage is good.

I used to use Evernote and had a notebook called Brain Garbage. Here are two notes from it:

What if memory foam didn’t just remember its original shape, but every shape it had ever taken?

Memory foam as a place to dump your memories that you don’t want anymore. Tortured mattresses remembering many unpleasant events from many lives.

turn all the F-Zero GX drivers into Advance Wars COs

This will be my new dumping ground


Weird notes in my Google Keep:

Header: skeletor

Neheh… neheheheheheh!

This might’ve been for D&D maybe??

Header: None

Chop chop! Back to cephalopelvic disproportion with you.

I… I don’t know.



Everybody wants to be closer to everybody else. They need to know.

Definitely wrote this while high.

Header: Cuck dump

William Te"cucks"meh Sherman
Jeb Cruz the Cuckmunculus
The 1987 Oldsmobile Cucklass Ciera
Captain Cucktherine Janeway of the Starship Voyager

This one, I swear to god, is only to get these words out of my head.

Nobody should have to be born with the expectation heaped on them. To have no freedom, in a sense.


The Drums And Yet E I Am I Not Sunny Smiles And


House M.D. but all the characters drive cars that are their heads


I woke up a few days ago with the term “a deployment of shrews” in my head and it won’t go away so it can belong here now.

I think it was meant to be a collective noun or something


been thinking of setting up an anonymous twitter for mine

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I have Evernote too. Let me see what I can find that would fit this thread

Sometimes I’ll use the notes app on my phone to write a secret message to show someone I’m sitting next to when I don’t want to say it out loud. I just found an alarming one from 2014:

The dude next to you just sprayed some aerosol shit at you like 12 times


Random word document note at some point:

“Story about having a clone and then going to McDonald’s and choking on a chicken nugget. The first chapter will be his arrival at the McDonald’s. The fun he’s had with his clone, the fact that the clone never ages but he does. Do all of society have clones? Does he just have a clone? Will his clone let him choke on the chicken nugget or does the master just not ask for the heimlich?”

-1. the thing in the water, tentacles, darkness, eats human flesh
-2. animal-like, but self-injury is part of its proper operation
-3. humans make up a part of its body
-4. hazardous to touch, stinging, numbing, neurological symptoms
-5. the mother of parasites, powerful arms, tears out its own organs as offspring
-6. incorporation into machinery
-7. enormously tall, hideously large underground chamber
-8. the guildmaster


is this the point where i talk about hp lovecrafts commonplace book and the one that stuck in my head for years was

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Nope, that’s a stinker


I have had a txt that just says

Right Said Frederick Douglass MacArthur the Aardvark

for about 5 years, migrated across 3 different computers


Entirety of note on phone called “Wrestling quotes”:

I’m not white, I’m not black, what I am is the reaper of souls
Undertaker, raw 5/19/97


Bill Wurtz songs are like talking about the weather as if everything is normal.

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The sphinx gate from Neverending Story except it’s Wurtz and Neil Cicieraga


my angel is not dead and sings always

Dessert Warriors:

Clem Brulee (desperado-ish)
Tae Kown Donut



Kid’s fear training
Channel of Hatred
I was almost a respectable man

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Guinea pigs

Roche limit
Low comic
East of West
Hickman for comics
Theona [sic] Staples best artist