Book of Megadrive Episode 6: Shadow Dancer

Yeah this finally came out. It had a pretty quick turn around from a production standpoint but I said we were doing it sometime back in 2019. It’s out now, and dang if it isn’t filled with Ninjas and also one Very Good Boy

There’s no vote this time, because we’ve actually got a tentative schedule:
March: [surprise bonus episode because it’s my birthday or something]->April: Brave Battle Saga->May: Megadriver’s Choice: Alisia Dragoon

After that, we’ll go back to stuff as mostly normal, although there’s probably going to be more bonus episodes mixed in because quite frankly, it’s easier to record one vote episode and one not vote episode a month for the purposes of organizing shit behind the scenes, so alternating may be the new normal.

Hope y’all enjoy this one!




ahhh yes i love the part where i say a cool thing and tigress goes ‘i didnt actually know that’’


im gonna get a better mic for when i podcast again my partner has a yeti those will sound better than my trashcan 2 dollar setup

why yes im liveposting as i listen

FUCK YOU DOUBLE GUN GUYS is a wonderful phrase

ninjas are cool

almost tempted to go to the supermarket at 11pm because shadow dancer is really good and i want to listen to this

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This is the post where someone from your audience recognizes the Simpsons reference.


I played this game, anticipating the day this episode dropped. I look forward to everyone’s opinions regarding shuriken/no shuriken modes.

It’s a shame that this game was released before the 6-button pad because Shinobi III let you decouple sword from shuriken if you had one, and that felt much better.

somebody said “it’s not michael jackson’s moonwalker” in this episode, and that should be the mega drive equivalent of “it’s not chuck rock” (even though there is a mega drive version of chuck rock)

I have a dream someday we will play Chuck Rock o’m book of Megadrive because we’re the Shadow to SNEX’s Sonic.

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This episode is real good great job hosting.

I am Johnny Sega and I do Like Comix Zone.


i was really pissed they put away arcade moonwalker when we had the mini meetup

of course you like comix zone! i dont think i said it out loud but i definitely thought, after screaming about how much i never wana see it again, i thought ‘i fucking bet rudie likes this game’

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This is the game that made me realize I’m just not a Sega kid. I had so much fun recording it though.

Also, sword mode is better

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