Black Birds and Onion Hotels


Been playing this recently and it definitely scratches an itch.
The last boss is killing me though, that last phase

Haven’t been able to work out what is up with those asparagus men that say ‘Dutch Candlestead’ when you launch them into the sky. I heard there is 8 different endings so I guess they have something to do with that or just score purposes.


They say Aspera-Man!

Because they are Asperagus Men.


8 endings?? i kept getting the same one. hmm

this game drained my battery real hard and since i had my phone fixed i’ve not played it again, which is ok. looking forward to black bird though


I thought it was just nonsense language, like in Little King Story (it’s the same director, right?)


Everything in the Onion Games is usually cute weird Japanese from what I can hear.