Birthing a Web-Log


I think I’m ready. Ready to start a blog, that is. A real actual blog. I’ve spent too much time of my life (a few years) telling myself and others, “Oh, I should really start a blog. People undeniably care about what I have to say, and I feel like I have a pretty clear voice as a writer when I really put my mind to it.”

This isn’t an endeavor for money (though it could be eventually), and it’s not for attention. I’m simply ready to put my feelings and opinions in a cohesive, readable format that anybody can look at and appreciate at their leisure. I guess the reason I made this thread is that I’m lacking the drive and direction to kickstart myself.

To anybody with an active blog that accumulates an actual audience:
How did you start out? What do you write to keep people’s attention? What kind of platform do you use? Do you advertise? Or other general blogging questions that someone green to the medium might want answered…

Edit, I should specify: when I say I don’t want attention, I’d still like readership. It’s not like I want to start a blog that zero people care about. But I’m certainly not looking to bend to an advertiser’s demands or garner some sort of internet celebrity-ship


I ran an unsuccessful blog where I played game boy games alphabetically. My advice: don’t do that


Well if you vaguely remember the time that I said I would write a thread about every portable pinball game, I was thinking along those lines lol


That sounds much more interesting And doable