best song ever in ___ time signature


i was inspired to make this topic earlier when apropos of little ‘jesu joy of man’s desiring’ popped into my head

i’m hard pressed to think of a better 3/4 song in history


Jesu Joy of Man’s Desiring is the ultimate 9/8 song, get that 3/4 shit outta here

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Contender for best use of a shifting time-signature:


best song ever in 5/8


best of 7/4

i proposed this song one year for my a capella group, and everyone seemed game for it, but the arranger was an amateur (i do not say that as an epithet) and couldnt wrap his head around the atypical time signature, so it didnt get picked up sadly


i guess you’re right! i always thought of it as triplets in 3/4


JSB did write a ton of great triple time pieces though, like this

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this is some radiant silvergun boss type music


Same thing, no difference. I was just being a dick.


oh i actually googled some arrangements and they were in 9/8. lol


Yeah that’s how it’s written, that was the joke. Sounds the same either way.


Fuckin numbers