Based on a true story


One of my film professor pals posted a thing on FB asking about games based or inspired by actual events to help fulfill a student’s interests. I think she’s more interested in personal ones rather than historical ones.

Mentioned so far:
That Dragon Cancer
Depression Quest
(not) Revengers of Vengence


There was that 1979 Revolution: Black Friday one that seemed a bit personal and historical, if that at all works. I haven’t played it, so no comment on quality.


I Get This Call Every Day


What was that one, The Writer Will Fix it or summit?


If you troll the NYU Gamecenter archives their culture has been heavily into autobiographical games.


Dunno how actually biographical they are but there’s also:

A Normal Lost Phone


Bury Me, My Love


does eternal sonata count? it’s supposedly based on a dream world chopin experiences as he dies from tuberculosis


If Eternal Sonata counts, then so should Barkley Shut Up and Jam Gaiden


There was a list of games based on true stuff on IGN or one of those sites I usually steer clear from and it had Assassin’s Creed and Age of Empires and Civilization. It reminded me of those kids who would completely fuck up their book reports by doing something really off base like a Choose Your Own Adventure or a comic or something.