are these good topics for a video essay channel


innuendo studios is apparently an alum of my school and program, which is cool but his videos are kind of basic and boring imo so i wanna start my own leftist video essay channel

i have some topics i have always wanted to see people talk about in this sphere:

one is a video with all this shit: “alienated in an open field watching a drill destroy all that you love”
what it means to be lost and alienated in the post-timespace compression apocalypse, the doomer meme, #nightwalking, and mark fisher. also, the eternal relevance of “the gen-x film,” never being able to get away from “the sun” (limp bizkit and korn both have used this metaphor), the channer will never be able to find a tribe NOT bent on its own destruction. who killed youth spaces that arent corny neolib bullshit zones? joe mf biden. lets scream about it baby

then: “reject chill vibes, go crazy go stupid, work sucks, steal everything you can dont pay for SHIT”
acid communism, jerry rubin, SNL season 1 energy, the “is punk music a cultural mistake” shit whatever, digital hardcore, time-space compression reference from the last video, joe biden again? psychedelia opens up time and space outside of the material realm for you to explore, what ever you find in this space is still ammunition for your ‘dialectical materialisms’ though, do not become a buddhist

then: “wariowarez”
video games, pre and post 2008 financial crash, the male nerd as a completely constructed and fabricated demographic, the weaponization of the gamer, the truth of video games… that as capitalism accelerates they will become more and more vapid and devoid of any intellectual or artistic potential and the best thing you can do is boycott buying any video game at all… or whatever…

then also maybe: the left can meme, but white people over the age of 25 and tankie teenagers can’t. a video about #alt-woke

i watched a video series on how to properly optimize video tags so like theres no way this could be a waste of my time. would these topics be at all interesting videos


Make all of these immediately

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go for it !

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absolutely do this


What’s the worst that could happen

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in for it

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Don’t scrimp on the presentational gimmick of course, v important

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I would absolutely watch all of these as they came out

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go go yes

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are you gonna do the same weird format of a non animated cartoon character over a slideshow of ‘relevant’ images or are you going for the extreme closeup vanity project


CG render of a light breeze through fur, like a horny Pixar

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it would be kind of funny to never choose one style/format and just mimic a different youtuber every time. like… hbomberguy and jontron, as performers and video editors, are basically the same people and thats a conversation no ones ready to have


almost no one

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no one talks about bomberguys past with metokur which probably contributes to his similarities with those ppl


What if I like the hbomb/jontron style of internet video performance. Is this like the youtube version of dadrock


im glad you pointed out the hbomberguy thing because as someone who knew him before he became a woke youtube grifter uh yeah this is very on the money


they are all jenna marbles