Anodyne 2 sent me back to the Sega Saturn Dimension!


Gonna point out it’s Steam and itch, where it’s a couple bucks cheaper.

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the writing in this continues to be excellent by the way

it knows what story it wants to tell and it does so with a lot of emotion and confidence, in a way that I think would actually scan to kids but is still totally salient and rewarding even if you already get it

it’s like what I gather that people like about undertale except it’s not an empty memetic performance

it’s nice that there are people out there who so studiously admire old jRPGs for something other than the most surface-level reasons and can commit to this level of craft


I haven’t played this yet but I wanna promote Sean Han Tani’s “All Our Asias” from last year as really, really interesting and good.

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I just got to a big plot twist, and this game has more heart than I expected!

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I wanted to like that so much but I hated the writing! Maybe I’m really picky about tone and language choice because I’m so self-critical about my own writing and it’s preventing me from enjoying things that I otherwise should!


good news: his collaborator did most of the writing in this and it sparkles

it’s like… actually good YA? in a videogame? which never, ever happens? it has a message and everything and it’s not heavy handed about it?

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like as much as I hate that this is always the first comparison people make to these sorts of games and I can’t believe I’m going to do it unprompted and they have plenty of other obvious influences such that this really shouldn’t be the one that dominates the discourse,

this is one of the only games I’ve ever played that can honestly glance at Itoi in this specific mode

(I’m about halfway)

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Yeah I perceived some Earthbound vibes in the suburban area of Anodyne 1 as well, so I don’t think you’re off on that.


yeah, while I am uncomfortable recommending nostalgia or parables as essential, and a lot of the formal choices this makes are basically inexplicable other than as a nostalgic parable, it is pretty well blowing me away


i really recommend playing All Our Asias if you like Anodyne 2 (which i still haven’t played but am very much looking forward to playing). it’s a pretty short-form free narrative game by one of the same creators (Sean Han Tani) but it has a lot of the vibe that they seemed to go further with for Anodyne 2. also like Anodyne 2, the music is great:


if you like megaman legends, bubsy visits the james turrell retrospective, link’s awakening, sorry to bother you, and earthbound, you’ll li–

what the fuck really


Send this to them as an endorsement they can put in marketing.

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I got the good ending


I love how blatantly they rip off saga frontier visually in a few spots, but it’s fair game because who remembers saga frontier’s specific designs


anyway I don’t think there’s a single person on this website who wouldn’t love this game, it’s extremely well realized catnip


Even hater?


I will rise to this challenge and hate this game. I promise.


i hate it because i dont have a computer that will play it WAAAH


I mostly posted this cuz I expected go someday play this game and go “wow, it’s really good!” But there’s a good chance I’ll never play it for various reasons so sorry developers and fans, just letting you know I wasn’t trying to be some kind of lame hater. I was just trying to pleasantly swerve everyone.