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R.I.P. Shrug


this looks like roughly the level of garbage I was anticipating


I mean, as a not-fan of the del toro movies I was mostly just hoping for a new and refreshing approach to be a not-fan of


Hellboy will stop Brexit


honestly the del toro movies themselves were not great for other reasons but i really don’t understand the point of doing this without ron perlman if the makeup is going to be worse and the actor is just doing a ron perlman impersonation



the reason is almost certainly

mike mignola


also it’s funny that putting daniel dae kim in the movie only happened after a mild outrage erupted, and, based on that trailer, he looks like the only person in it that might make this worth seeing


hellboy more like get the hell out of my house and get a job boy


So are they going to do a CGI pass on his face before the movie releases? The prosthetic doesn’t look great in motion.


They have Alice Monaghan (now with Kung Fu Grip) and Stunted Boar Giant so maybe they’ll open with the part of The Corpse that del Toro didn’t already harvest and we’ll learn about babies liking iron?

This is probably hoping for too much.





on the matter

of Ralph


love interest vibe

oh no. : (


I have a love interest vibe with Ron’s thing


I didn’t know lobster johnson was going to be in this thing. now it’s personal



Important Batman update


Are there scans of Flayed Corpse entire around, I fancy a read


Happy birthday, shrug.