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@shrug have you considered the forging in dragon quest xi


It’s a Fun-Sized Forge! I think the game even describes it as ‘cute’.

Unlock the mysterious techniques of the ancient blacksmiths like Quadrabash and Sizzly Puff (all true blacksmiths get this reference)




When you forge a specific sword on a bigger forge, it shows you hammering away on a billet, I was surprised


Don’t forget to forge silk dresses and hair ribbons with high heat to increase chances of +3


if this is the general rule for all objects then the temperature contrll]napfh’khbwef’[g;oh0]y_(_Y#{(#)*#)


Helpfully you get an exact readout of the forge temperature, in Fahrenheit, so it’s educational, too. I learned that objects come out of the forge at 1000F but if you’re skilled enough to eke out 300 more Fs you can really pound things into shape.

It’s too bad you can only heat things up once though, I guess metal just remembers and gets grumpy and you have to throw it out.

Shrug, I learned that gold, platinum, silver, copper, iron, and monster hides all work well in this temperature range, but get below 450F and you’re going to have trouble. I understand how you feel now, Shrug.

who said games aren’t empathy machines?


I have to go to bed


what? you can heat things up repeatedly. Obviously you need to do two sizzly puffs for end game gear

shrug knows what I’m talking about


Oh right, the difference between heat applied to virgin metal and heat applied to already-cooled, dirty metal

(and damn I don’t know if I’m just incredibly slow but at 60 hours at a normal pace I just reached Act 2 and is that weird?)


i’m playing on hard mode and that’s similar to my hour count, i’ve been considerably above the numbers everyone else seems to throw around. idk if that’s from draconian slowdown or just my own pace though


Yeah, I am not on hard and that is literally double the time it took to get to Act 2 for me.


I’m on hard monsters, no XP from weak monsters but I still fight most monster types only twice; the only time I consciously fought to level up was before the Gallopolis Slayer of the Sands. So it doesn’t feel like it’s a hard mode thing, but maybe if we’re both getting this it’s just added up from harder, longer battles against standard enemies?

I still really enjoy having to work for every fight, though. I’m more engaged in JRPG combat than I’ve been in anything, ever, maybe excepting Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter, but that verges into a tactics-style game.